Content Samurai Review

Posted by linhtrang on February 12th, 2020

Content Samurai Review

Videos are quickly becoming essential in campaigns to increase internet traffic. Reason? Video content is easy to consume, fast in conveying the message and naturally engaging. When it comes to earning the trust of your target audience, this form of content leads.

But creating videos is often a complicated process. If you lack the necessary skills, that could mean having to hire an expert for hundreds (even thousands) of dollars. And that is besides spending your valuable time looking for a cameraman.

How can you make the process less demanding? The answer is, by using the appropriate video creation software.

Video creation tools help you create videos that are available on the internet - easily and in no time. There are several such software available today, each with its own level of usability and effectiveness. One of them - and standing out from others - is Content Samurai.

What makes the platform better than other similar platforms? And, is this tool worth considering for your marketing videos? Review this Samurai content in detail and help you make important decisions. 25% discount on Samurai content

What is Samurai content?

It is a video creation platform. This software is web-based, meaning everything related to its use is entirely online. There is no download or installation to take care of, and there are no upgrades to worry about. You also don't need any video creation or editing experience to use Content Samurai, which is a plus for beginners.

Content Samurai Review comes from a famous software company, Noble Samurai. They are the people who bring you other marketing tools like Market Samurai, Domain Samurai and other great apps. Since first appearing in 2015, the CS platform has helped many online entrepreneurs increase organic traffic and increase conversions. And all of that without them spending huge amounts of money to hire expert cinematographers.

Before we dive into the features of this tool and how to use them, let's take a look at video marketing benefits.

Why video content?

It is not without reason that businesses, website owners and internet marketers are looking at videos today more than ever. To help you figure out why, here are video content metrics and stats:

About one third of web browsing is watching videos

YouTube registers over 1.5 billion monthly visitors and 1 billion hours of video viewing every day

72% of internet users prefer video over text when learning more about a product

Call to action is 95% more likely to engage the user in the mind when included in a video than in text

Websites containing videos have been shown to retain users 88% more time Marketers use the net video 66% more annually than those who don't. As you can see, content that comes with clips to watch will have a higher chance of attracting traffic than content that doesn't. Videos are loved by both internet users and search engines, and can significantly boost your SEO tasks.

That said, making a professional video is often the problem. You may be shy, or you may lack the necessary skills. However, some video creation tools are too complex and difficult to use. That's where Content Samurai appears.

How does software help make the job easy, fast and less expensive? Let's see.

Content Samurai Features

Great template options - Samurai content has lots of templates that you can use to create your videos. They have templates for sales videos, social media videos, professional videos, for online courses, property listings and more. All you need is time on hand to explore and make the best of it. The software also allows you to customize the template with custom tools and options.

Titanic Video Options - This software also contains a large list of royalty free videos that one can use while creating his own videos. You can further format the videos according to the slideshow format, add your own text, edit them and customize it to form the final result you desire.

HD quality audio options - Content Samurai has some great audio options that you can add to your videos. It offers 4 audio options that you can include in your videos, including - Music only, Auto voice, Upload Voice Track and Record your Voice Track. The automatic voice option has built-in natural voice options, which can be tested at slow and fast speeds, and then you can apply that audio to your videos.

Easy editing tool - This software includes a lot of tools that you can choose to edit your video. In addition, the editing function is as easy as just dragging it and clicking on objects to edit them. The tools allow you to edit almost every part of the video you can imagine without any professional help.

Smart AI to support you - Smart AI powered software automatically creates videos for you that really save a lot of time and effort. This means you have more time to prepare the script and focus on creating quality content and SEO plans. Of course, you have the option to edit this video manually if you are not happy with its results. It allows you to add winning logos, personalized watermarks, backgrounds, textures and fonts.


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