The Quality of Indonesian Education in the Eyes of the World

Posted by edukasip on February 13th, 2020

The Quality of Indonesian Education in the Eyes of the World

Finland might already be known as the country that has the best education system so it spawned virtuous, intelligent and quality graduates with a very good workforce segment in Finland. This then becomes the homework for each country to be able to emulate what Finland is doing on the methods and education systems that are carried out there.

Including Indonesia, it is better to implement an education system conducted in Finland. Although it is not entirely good to learn what their success in implementing the education system is there. You must know why Indonesia is obliged to learn about the education system there, one of which is because the quality of Indonesia's education is considered less in the eyes of the world. This also happened because of the many problems concerning the world of education that were prevailing in Indonesia.

The Quality of Indonesian Education in the Eyes of the World

In the world of education in Indonesia it is divided into two very big problems. The first problem about the world of education in Indonesia includes the matter of teaching and learning process along with its output and also the supporting problem of the running of the existing education system in Indonesia.

Problems that occur in the teaching and learning process indeed begin with the top down system which is still practiced by the teacher. Teachers who become teaching staff assume that students are like white paper that is very clean and there is no scratch. Students are considered to have no stock and any knowledge so that the teacher who later became the authority over the students and mastered the course of learning. Simply put, this condition provides a reference that the teacher considers himself to be a teapot and students are his glass so that the teapot must continue to fill the glass until full.

Actually it is good, just this kind of condition makes students unable to freely explore their abilities and only act on the teacher alone. Students will also not be able to know what their true identity will be. Then later lessons taught at school cannot be absorbed perfectly in the brain because it just comes away and will leave after the teacher's lecture also ends. This is what makes teaching and learning techniques in the world of education in Indonesia so that it is not optimal and does not have a major impact on student development.

The second problem that becomes the next problem for education in Indonesia is adequate infrastructure. Educational facilities and infrastructure in Indonesia are far from feasible. Primarily for the education of students outside of Java such as Papua or Kalimantan is very far from feasible. This then gives a perception for students in Papua or Kalimantan or other regions because they feel left behind so that they do not develop or are reluctant to develop themselves because they also feel the government is not paying attention.

Presumably that is the homework for Indonesia to be able to improve in the world of education. Equalizing education is very important. Hopefully the information above about the Quality of Indonesian Education in the Eyes of the World is useful.

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