The school in the container?

Posted by pu tian on February 13th, 2020

When the children in the city are falling into the choice barrier for a good school and a better school, the vast majority of the children in the world are just longing for an opportunity to receive the right education at the right time ...

So, how can we make these children better off? In addition to donating money and helping students, and expecting local governments and institutions to do their jobs, designers are also trying to come up with some simpler solutions. For example, a studio called IDIM has brought this container school (Boxchool).

In short, this design packs everything the school needs into a container. Then, we just need to transport the container to the place where we need it and take out the contents. Thus, the container itself can be used as a skeleton and a wall, and the contents can be assembled into school furniture, blackboard and other appliances.

Of course, this container school can provide more than these things. In addition to those just mentioned, the modules in this container also include solar panels, water tanks, pipes, windows, etc. When they are all assembled, the entire container becomes an independent energy and resource system that can provide solar power and clean water and air.

Moreover, considering the different needs, Boxchool Container School is still scalable: one container can provide basic teaching units; Two containers can assemble a spacious and well-equipped classroom that can accommodate at least 24 children. If there are three containers, there will be another children's playground. And if there are six containers, then a big library can be built.

If you are interested in container school, please contact us: container office.

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