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Posted by Harish Vaishnav on February 13th, 2020

Study abroad can be a life-changing and mind-blowing experience for students who choose to study and make a career there. Ample of students go outside their home country every year and enhance their global connections, experience new culture, language, and gain career-enhancing skills and boost confidence.There are various benefits, when considering study abroad and make career development. Such programs help students mold in such a way that they acquire a knowledge and understanding of the international market, business, industries, culture, society, and social networking that employers are searching for potential workers and in employees.

In spite of the fact that there are numerous advantages of seeing and encountering the world while acquiring quality education abroad, this experience is usually costly. The main reason that students stress over is the expenses of the program itself as well as the expense of settlement, books, food, lodging, and different costs. This makes a need to produce a solid and reliable source of earnings so that they can pay for every need.Regardless of whether you have set aside some money or applied for funding even then, it’s hard to adjust or balance the expenses outside.

Fortunately, there are a lot of countries, which provide a good education and a good work permit for students for part-time while attending college. Some universities have generally high limitations while others are very permissive. The accompanying nations all make it simple for international students to earn some additional money.

           I.          United Kingdom

United Kingdom is a place where we can find the number of top universities in the world. Students give first preference to the UK in education but unfortunately, the country has rigid rules for working while studying. Students coming from European nation and Switzerland have no limits on working hours and can work for as many hours they want per week. For international students, maximum of 20 hours per week are allowed who are studying at degree level and 10 hours per week for those who are studying at diploma level. Full-time work is also allowed during vacations only.

         II.          Canada

Canada is a peace-loving country and famous destination to study, especially if you want to work and plan to stay there after university. While attending college international students can work on campus as full time but off-campus they have a limit of 20 hours per week and only few universities permit working off-campus, still the opportunities are endless inside the campus to earn money.

       III.          Australia

Academic costs in Australia are less when compared with other countries however; the everyday costs are at standard. International students are allowed to work for 40hours per week and full-time during vacations. If you have any family member along with you they can also work there while you study in the country. Jobs like assistant in college, retail work and tourism jobs are easily available in the country.

       IV.          New Zealand

New Zealand is a favorite destination for students to study and work. New Zealand allow students to work while attending college as long as they have a student visa with working rights.Students can work up to 20 hours a week during regular course and full-time during vacations and holidays. If students need to earn more work experience for their study program, they will get the permission to work more hours in a week.Numerous students can find jobs in restaurants, delivery work, and retail as well as in seasonal work in plantations and vineyards.

         V.          Germany

Germany fascinates students worldwide with its huge castles, high-quality education, and zero tuition fees. Students will be able to apply for many scholarships if they have good grades. After getting permission from  the foreigner’s office, students can work up to 240 days a year part time and 120 days full time.Most students can find jobs as an academic assistant, babysitter, server, or as a courier boy but better to try to work in something related to your own field of study.

The skills you gain from working while at the same time concentrating on your studies and drenching yourself in the foreign culture will furnish you with an improving understanding and knowledge which you'll always remember!

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