South Lake Tahoe’s Classic Mountain Biking Trails: Tahoe Rim & the Flume

Posted by Miley Munroe on February 13th, 2020

Nestled among the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Tahoe National Forest is a mountain biking haven surrounding the blue jewel of Northern California, spanning 850,000 acres from Nevada City and all the way to Reno. Featuring a lush green landscape; high, clear lakes; peaks soaring to up to 9,000 feet; and rugged backcountry dirt adorning the region, South Lake Tahoe mountain biking trails are perfect for any mountain biker’s exploratory appetite. Here are the two popular mountain biking trails in South Lake Tahoe—

Tahoe Rim

One of the major reasons why mountain biking enthusiasts come to Lake Tahoe is this trail. Managed by the Tahoe Rim Trail Association (TRTA), there are a variety of options on this 165-mile long Tahoe Rim loop trail that circles the ridgelines above Lake Tahoe crossing six counties in both Nevada and California. The breathtaking views, wildflower meadows, and passing by waterfalls and stunning vista take riders on an epic journey. The trail has its fair amount of technical sections and exhilarating descents, which allow you to add more thrill to your mountain biking experience, as well as sections that contain a good deal of climbing. So if you are a mountain biking fan and have not explored the Tahoe Rim Trail, you are definitely missing out on something really special — add it to your to-do list!

Note - Not all portions of the trail are open to mountain biking. Sections that overlap with the Pacific Crest Trail and those that go through Wilderness areas are prohibited. For further information, visit

The Flume

 Named for the wooden flume which transported water and logs to Virginia in the mid-1800s at the time of the Comstock silver mining boom, The Flume is another Lake Tahoe classic that offers mind blowing views and mountain biking adventures over Lake Tahoe’s Eastern Shore. Though the trail starts from the Spooner Lake, the actual Flume Trail begins Marlette Lake. A 4.5-mile long, narrow single-track departs from the west end of the lake, following the ridge to the north nearly 2,000 feet above Lake Tahoe. Moderately difficult, the 14-mile long trail offers a decent amount of descending and climbing opportunities but lacks technicality. However, this lack of technicality also opens it up to a wide range of different challenges and skillsets.

South Lake Tahoe offers numerous opportunities for you to come closer to nature. Visit El Dorado County to explore mountain biking trails in Lake Tahoe and experience adventures like never before!

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