Considerations for using CNC Laser for engraving

Posted by John Smith on February 13th, 2020

The Computer Numerical Control (CNC) laser equipment is designed to cut the most diverse materials. That can range from metals such as steel to wood and plastics, and it is thanks to the commands with which the type of cut to be made to the equipment. 

They can include information as specific as the depth of cut to be made. Control panel engraved is also useful for making engravings on the materials just mentioned and working with others such as rubber, tablets, leather, and glass.

The CNC laser equipment used for the engraving of any surface, in general terms, works in a similar way to a printer, offering the high precision that would characterize a good impression made by conventional means, but with the particularity that the printing has depth.

Although these cutting and laser cut stencils equipment are used to perform work on a wide variety of materials. Wood is the most common and it is due to the high accuracy of patterns that are achieved with laser engraving that has gradually begun to displace the use of manual routers for wood engraving. 

In addition to knowing other options for wood engraving, if the decision to opt for laser engraving has already been made, it is recommended to distinguish the different types of existing equipment. 

CNC laser cutting and engraving equipment can be operated by carbon dioxide, diode pump or optical fiber. Those that work by carbon dioxide, commonly known as the CO2 laser, allow excellent engraving and cutting of wood, wood chipboard, acrylic, cork, glass, and stainless steel, among other non-metallic materials. 

To request detailed information about our wood cutting and engraving services, we invite you to contact us. In Hamilton-rand, we will gladly assist you.

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