How much should a teacup pomeranian puppy cost

Posted by Melida Sinclear on February 13th, 2020

Teacup pomeranian puppies are usually very expensive if you are buying or adopting them from a pet shop. It is advisable to get a teacup pomeranian puppy from a home breeder who breeds at home for the love of the breed and as an extra job to their main job. Pets shops will sell them at about 2000 to 8000 dollars whereas home breeders will sell from 400 to 800 depebding on the breeder and on the puppy if they are from a champion bloodline or the have special charaters and colors. Cheap teacup pomeranian puppies are not the best at times as they dont stay teacup so you might need a percentage of luck to get it right for example on this website they are home breeders and sell their teacup pomeranian puppies at 600 each

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