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Posted by albertareid on March 13th, 2012

Printers are devices that are commonly seen to be used by both individual users as well as in office premises. Out of the individuals, 90% of them remember to refill the ink cartridge when the printer stops printing in the middle of a task. Expensive as it is, to recurrently change or refill the ink, it is also potentially frustrating to get stuck in the middle of a work. An option that can be both money-saving as well as easy to opt for is often overlooked by the users. An inklink is the way out of this infernal interruption without paying dearly. It is a technology that does not allow breakage of ink flow within the printer. Enabling a continuous ink system, users can now be freed permanently from the expensive job of ink cartridge replacement and best of all no more cartridges.

Some people use printers for business purposes. Without summing up the total amount of money invested in ink refilling or replacement within the lifetime of a printer, they stick to the conventional process. Since, a printer cartridge costs over an average of thirty dollars, imagine your investment on it a year. More so for business purposes, a substantial portion of your profit earning is likely to get swallowed by this astronomical expense. Thus, the inklink system created by rihac is apt to use in companies and businesses where the sole aim is to cut down the cost of production. The continuous ink system has revolutionized the way people perceive the use of printer machines.

With the introduction and increased adoption of the inklink technology, users are encouraged to buy a printer for their personal use. Previously, buyers who used to be taken aback by the sum of expenses involved in using an inkjet printer are now showing interest in owning one. The continuous ink system has substantially reduced the recurrent cost of using a printer. Moreover, it has also facilitated bulk printing without fearing running out of ink at any time.   

What makes this system more desirable is that they cannot be apparently differentiated from using genuine cartridges. Moreover, you do not have to purchase a machine of a different model to utilize this technology. Instead, you can use this continuous ink system in a device of any model and make. The system has been designed in such a way that it is fully compatible with most new and older models. Working in a very simple manner, the printer is appended to a constant supply of ink so that the inklink is not broken. The ink that flows through tubes is not a perennial source. However, the system is not messy at all and is simplistic to put into action even for a layman.  

Thus, you can dump up all those vile cartridges and switch to a money-saving, smart inklink system.

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