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Posted by maryparker on March 13th, 2012

Persons who want to own a successful online business that will generate significant profits are advised to create their own classified ads website with the help of the user-friendly classifieds starter kit. Given the fact that the classified ads source code is open, you will be able to easily modify the aspect and the functionality of your website depending on the particularities of your business. 

The classifieds starter kit has been designed with a view to facilitating the work of web developers who wish to build their own classified ads websites. With a multitude of indispensable features,  including project design, international support, safety and security, shopping cart, marketing and promotions, payment and check out, login and notification system, system administration, etc., the classifieds starter kit will turn out to be an indispensable tool for all those who have decided to set-up and manage a classified ads websites. Individuals who have decided to purchase the classifieds starter kit are advised to first test the product on the Internet, so that they can see whether it meets their requirements in terms of ease of use, functionality, listing and management options, etc.

Another important advantage of the classifieds starter kit consists in the fact that it has been built based on an classified ads source code, which is actually an open source code and has numerous benefits when compared with a closed source code, customization being the most significant one. In more concrete terms, the classified ads source code has been created in such a manner as to enable future users of the application to customizes it and to adapt it in order to meet their specific user skills. In addition, given the open nature of the classified ads source code, the user of the software will have access to all the security options,  will be able to change them based on his safety priorities, as well to identify and quickly eliminate any security flaws that might arise, without exposing the users of the website to any risks.

Otherwise said, the classified ads source code is one of the most important elements of the classifieds starter kit, but not the only one. To conclude, the classifieds starter kit is a highly recommended choice due to the fact that it will enable users: to make desired changes to the software, to track IP addresses for safety and auditing purposes, to have access to transaction logs and reports, to automatically email customers to announce order confirmation number, to save payment addresses, to automatically generate unique page names, to automatically send order receipts to customers, to easily fix errors, to perform routine system maintenance tasks and, most importantly, to manage ads in a simple and efficient manner.

If you want to start making money by creating your own classified ads website, it is time you purchased a professionally built and well-designed classifieds starter kit with an classified ads source code that will enable you to make changes to your application whenever you deem fit! Take a look at our complete and affordable classified ads website software solutions, try them out for free on our website and see how you can customize them in order to meet all your business needs!

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