Availability, Pros and Cons of an Inklink System

Posted by albertareid on March 13th, 2012

CIS or Continuous Ink System did not get popular overnight. There was a time when the users were against these new systems. They were skeptical about the quality and usability of CISS. But these inklink systems from rihac in Australia have become widely accepted with thanks to the ground-breaking thoughts of the inventors. Some of the leading printer manufacturers observed the popularity of the inklink CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) and have come up with copies integrated into printer models. On today’s date, there are hundreds of low quality copies of the rihac Inklink available in the market. You can either go online for finding a genuine inklink product or else you can find your nearest dealer to buy.

CISS Manufacturers and Availability

Though these systems were introduced in the market by the aftermarket dealers, the huge popularity of CISS literally made the printer giants join the league. Companies like EPSON have started producing a bulk ink system essentially a copy of the innovative Inklink product invented by rihac.

Advantages of CISS

•             Cost-saving: You can save a lot of your hard earned money by saving on cost of refilling ink. If you use a continuous ink system instead of replacing printer cartridges each time it is necessitated, you can save more than 90% of your printing cost. An Inklink is indeed a one time investment which pays back.

•             Eco-friendly: these systems are completely eco-friendly as because less waste and less packaging is needed. Printer cartridges are more expensive options. So no more cartridges required.

•             Ink quality is equal and in some cases superior as compared to conventional cartridges.

Disadvantage of CISS

•             If you opt for copycat systems and those made in Asia, you might end up buying low-quality and cheap ink which would harm your printer.

Considering all the advantages and disadvantages of CISS, the inklink systems are something which can be beneficial to all printer owners. It is pretty inconvenient for these users to change or replace printer cartridges after short intervals and why waste money on cartridges when you do not need to. However, users who print occasionally can also opt for these systems as the continuous ink supply system will completely eradicate their headache for replacing cartridges every time they need and again at a fraction of the cost. But before going online to buy these items, you must keep in mind that there are counterfeit companies who offer low-quality ink at cheaper prices. You must check whether the products meet the UK and international standards and whether they are manufactured by a trustworthy company. Keep in mind that the maintenance for this system is a tiresome job if the quality is bad and choode the wrong system and it might take extra hours compared to regular printer cartridges.    

We are the Australian inventor, manufacturer and reseller of Inklink. We offer continuous ink supply system systems that are all independently reviewed and recommended worldwide.

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