Tools Box versus Tools Chest ? Which One Would Be Right For Me?

Posted by albertareid on March 13th, 2012

 If you are one of those people who like to handle all projects the DIY method, then acquiring a tools box or a tools chest should occupy the first place on your agenda list. While it is common to find tools around every household, a variant lies in the number of tools – some houses may have just the basic implements and others might have a number of shelves stacked with them. Irrespective of the number of tools, what is more important is the manner in which they are kept because ultimately at the time of need the required implement should be close at hand and within reach.

One of the basic attributes of human nature is to horde things and soon this leads to a vast and unorganized clutter in the garage. Then when there is a contingency situation it acts like a wake up call that things need to be organized if any repair jobs have to be successfully completed. As a direct consequence, people start thinking in terms of acquiring a storage unit for their tools, the primary concern at the time of purchase being its size. The most logical solution in this regard is that in case of large number of tools investing in a tools chest would be sensible while for a handful of tools, a tools box would suffice.

At the time of conducting comparison between a tools box and a tools chest, there are a number of similarities as also differences which the buyer should be aware of. The foremost amongst these is the honest assessment of personal needs in terms of the kind of tools required and the frequency of usage. If you are only a part time fixer around your house then a standard portable tool box would be ideal for your needs. But your proclivity lies towards playing the plumber or the mechanic on a daily basis then you must consider getting something more elaborate like a chest or a cart of tools.

What are the types of tools which you would like to have around all the time? The answer to this question varies from one individual to another. For small projects around the house a few basic tools like hammer, screwdrivers and a saw would be sufficient while bigger projects would require an elaborate array comprising of various types of drills, pliers, wrenches and so on. Some people might suggest a tools box for the former situation and a chest for the latter but having a rolling tools chest featuring a number of drawers would be the best bet as it would facilitate organization.

Other factors which play a seminal role in deciding between a chest and a box are the availability of space, durability and portability. A worthy suggestion here would be to opt for a tools chest which is slightly bigger than a tools box but at the same time provides a leeway for further expansion. In case of a storage unit, durability is often determined by price, meaning the higher the price, the better is the quality. Portability is an important consideration because tools are heavy and hence require a lot of energy to be carried from one point to another.

Both tools box and tools chest can be acquired easily from a number of sources and while specialty stores and departmental stores are the first choice if a brand new item is sought, a used set can be found at flea markets and garage sales. There is a lot of variety in terms of design and material as well, some of the common options being wood, metal and antique. Wooden chests are ornately carved and can be kept in the house as well while metal chests look utilitarian although scoring high on maintenance and durability. It is possible to get a customized chest as well wherein the owner has a specific function in mind.

Whether to invest in a tools box or a tools chest is a dilemma which is faced by one and all. The decision should be made bearing in mind a number of factors.

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