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Know the 4 Ways of Using CBD to Treat Your Anxiety

Posted by annacolenew on February 13th, 2020

Anxiety is the severe form of stress or anxiousness, which is a psychological healthy issue. Usually, we are stressed out when we are going to appear at an exam. However, a challenging job environment, family expectations, and surviving with unexpected life events make you feel stressed and give you a feel of appearing at tests continuously. You need to work on resetting your baseline if impending sense of disaster is getting worse and your stress is converting into a chronic anxiety.

Besides psychological treatment and self-management, you can come across several alternative options to treat your anxiety. And using CBD is one of those options. You might have a query on how to use this natural herb to lower your anxiety symptoms. Here are four ways in brief for your help:

1. Oils and tinctures

CBD oils and tinctures are an easy, quick, and right mode of consuming CBD. Cannabidiol oils have extracts of cannabis plants that are infused into a carter oil, like hemp seed or coconut oil. Most of tinctures have cannabis in an alcohol base. With the use of a dropper, which helps you measure the quantity, you can use oils and tinctures. By entering into your bloodstream fast, CBD intake provides quick results and its effects last for 3-4 hours.

2. Edibles

You can add cannabis extracts in oil, or powder form to any food items found on this earth. Available in varied delicious and flavoured options, you can take cannabidiol as CBD edibles chocolate, gummies, and capsules. Within one hour of its intake, you can start having positive results, leading to reducing the signs of your anxiety.

3. Smoking

Smoking gives you an instant way of enjoying CBD effects, as it directly sends cannabidiol to alveoli of your longs. From there, cannabis enters your bloodstream and starts working on the stressors that cause problems in your everyday life activities. Making a measurement of your CBD intake can be a tricky task for you if you use it as a smoke, and smoking marijuana can cause you to have lung inflammation. Discuss with your doctor whether you should take cannabidiol as a smoke or not.

4. CBD vape oils

You can vape cannabidiol with the use of a special pen, which makes oil vaporize. In the current world, the safety of vaping is under the concentrated inspection, as it has made 2000 people get hospitalized and 42 deaths due to a lung infection, acknowledged as EVALI or VAPI. According to the Federal Centre for Disease Control, illicit marketing of THC vape cartridges has caused such an incident. Before buying CBD cartridges, you need to know whether they are legal or illegal in your state.


In severe condition, anxiety requires you to manage it quickly for your better physical and psychological health. Get in touch with your health expert when you select using CBD as an alternate to medical treatment of your anxiety. Talk to the expert to know which form (oil, edible, and smoking) of CBD you should use. Besides, converse with him/her to know the right dosage you should take. With proper guidance on the usage, using cannabis will be fruitful for you.

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