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Posted by Oodles Marketing on February 13th, 2020

According to We Are Social, there are 3.48 billion social media users as of today. The worldwide social media userbase has grown substantially by 288 million (9 percent) year-to-date (YTD) since January 2018. Such a wide coverage of social media platforms is all the more reason why most businesses use them to create brand awareness. Businesses can use these channels to direct a lot of traffic to their websites and enhance their sales. As we provide social media marketing services, we are sharing some useful tips to improve your social media marketing strategies.   

Tips to maximize output through social media marketing

Social media platforms have huge potential to engage users through meaningful content. Hitting the right note with the users require strategies that clearly define a business’ marketing goals. Below is the basic marketing strategy that businesses should follow to maximize user engagement and drive conversions through social media channels.   

Establish Your Social Media Goals

Defining goals becomes necessary to get the maximum output from your marketing efforts. Set smaller, realistic goals and strive to achieve them through social media marketing.    Here are some common social media goals that businesses should aim for:  

  • Growing followers or connections on social media (branding)
  • Consistently building a visible brand (branding)
  • Connecting and engaging with your existing community (branding)
  • Increasing traffic to the website (conversions)
  • Generating high-quality leads (conversions)
  • Getting more sales (conversions)

  Depending on the goals, you can choose the appropriate social media platform to get started.

Set Your Target Audience

With a predefined target audience, you can proceed further to achieve business goals through social media ad campaigns. Defining your audience means you are clear with your purpose about whom you want to serve. Social media marketing service providers perform a complete research to identify the target audience for their business clients.   The more you understand your target audience, the better you will be able to focus on your ads. As a result, your key metrics such as conversion rates and ROI will improve.   

Perform Competitor Analysis

Multiple businesses in the same niche are competing on social media platforms. An extensive competitor analysis can open doors to new improvements. In social media marketing, follow the below steps for an effective competitor analysis:   

  • Identify your competitors
  • Discover their brand awareness
  • Extract information about their financials such as revenue
  • Study their products’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Know about customer experiences
  • Analyze their marketing strategies
  • Identify the gaps in their business

Post Quality Content On Social Media

The quality of content that you share on social media platforms should be in sync with your brand identity and business goals. Avoid sticking only to promotional content as it may ruin your customers’ experience. Strike the right balance between valuable, relevant, and promotional content for maximum impact.    Social media marketing service providers use the following tools to create quality content:  

  1. Blog Title Generator: Gives you a list of the most relevant topics in a particular niche
  2. Headline Analyzer: Analyzes the headline of the content and tells if its catchy and intriguing

Promote Content Specific To A Social Media Platform

Every social media platform has a distinct set of audience based on their product preferences. So, businesses need to be smart with their content promotion strategies to achieve their goals. They must post quality content on social media in accordance with the likes and preferences of their customers.    Creating and sharing content as per your customers’ likes and requirements ensure increased engagement and conversion rates. As customer interaction varies for different platforms, responses may vary too. 


Formulating social media marketing strategies can be an easy task if you adhere to the aforementioned tips. Working in the right direction can bring a positive outcome since social media provides a huge opportunity to grow. As a social media marketing service provider, we understand the importance of its usage.   

Choose Oodles As Your Social Media Marketing Service Provider

We, at Oodles Marketing, follow the best marketing practices to enhance a brand’s reach and visibility on social media. Our marketing professionals are well-versed with the latest trends and developments in the field to keep you ahead of your competitors.   Connect with us now to get started with your social media marketing efforts.

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