Have you heard about building a green building?

Posted by sophiamilller on March 14th, 2012

One of the key challenges and opportunities within the construction sector is to meet and supply the ever growing demand for building a green building using sustainable building materials. This trend has been with us for quite some time but even through the economic difficulties in recent years the demand for green sustainable building material continues to develop. Our awareness and the true cost to our planet of many traditional building materials is only now becoming clear and the surge to source ecofriendly alternatives continues to gain momentum. This push into sustainability and eco solutions is being experienced in many sectors including eco food, eco vehicles, eco travel and eco building materials. This is how building a green building became a reality and above all green sustainable building is clearly the best possible solution for the future

Green sustainable building requires taking an holistic approach to both the outer skin of the building and the internal fit out and fixtures. With my current focus on internal finishes in general and hard decorative surfaces in particular I was keen to investigate what sustainable options were available. Interior décor products such as wall tiles, mosaics, wooden floors, timber furniture and many other things used in both private and commercial construction. Building a green building refers as well as the way you install the energy sources for this building. As you can imagine solar panels are used as an energy source for these green buildings.

Previously material costs have been a factor and have limited the ability of some to incorporate sustainable building material however as demand has increased and more manufacturers and suppliers have emerged what was once seen as the realm of a fortunate few is now in the hands of the DIY handyman or home renovator. Energy or carbon expended in the manufacture of many traditional decorative materials such as carpets, vinyls and ceramic tiles can be substituted by replacing these products with natural and sustainable decorative products including those made from recycled or sustainable timber or coconut shell. A green sustainable building is energy efficient in many ways and with the added bonus of beauty that only nature can deliver. Building a green building may represent a challenge for some but the rewards when the project is completed will be enjoyed for many years to come and the knowledge that a beautiful home does not have to cost the earth.

In time building a green building will become the expected norm rather than a occasional project and we and our planet will be much richer for that progress as we adopt and commit to green sustainable buildings in the private and commercial building sectors.

In conclusion building a green building is a great investment for your future. A green sustainable building can offer you comfort and peace of mind.

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