A Complete Guide About Forced Air Ovens.

Posted by Global Lab Supply on February 13th, 2020

A forced-air oven is a simple but essential machine. It is widely used in laboratories. The forced-air ovens are ovens with fans that helps in even heat distribution. This fan helps in distributing the heat uniformly.

How does this machine work?

This is basically a normal oven with an extra fan. The fan circulates hot air in the oven chamber. This forced air circulation ensures uniform heating inside. The uniform heat is necessary for many experiments. It provides an even spot for conducting experiments. The sample is placed inside the oven and the machine is turned on. The oven forces air inside the chamber. This ensures there is no cold or less heated spot inside the chamber. This machine also has a small section on the top of it which helps in controlling excessive moisture. If some sample has a lot of moisture, then the port is left open to adjust the water level in the sample.

The biggest benefit of the forced air oven is its air circulation. In the case of a conventional non-forced oven, the temperature inside the oven can vary in different places for a few degrees. But, in the forced air oven, this does not happen.


In general, the temperature of air-forced laboratory ovens can be different in temperature from the normal range to 300°C. While the forced air ovens that have temperature range higher than 300°C are used in physics, electronic or metallurgy, the forced air ovens used in Biology labs way lower temperature range(nearly 100°C).

 Where it is used?

Forced air ovens have multiple uses. It is used for different purposes, in different laboratories. Here are some common uses of forced air laboratory ovens-

  • These ovens are robust and can withstand even the highest temperature. Hence, it is used for annealing in workshops and laboratories. Annealing is heating and cooling a material simultaneously to make it fluid and moldable. This oven is used in the glass industry, in case of medical device manufacturing, etc.
  • Forced air ovens are also used for die-bond curing. This is a way of strengthening the chemical composition of materials using drying and baking together. The oven is used in the plastic manufacturing industry, nanotechnology research and polymer research labs.
  • Forced air hot ovens are also a great alternative for autoclaves. Since, this oven channels hot air force inside the chamber, it can effectively sterilize lab equipment. Glassware, surgical items can be sterilized in a forced-air oven at 160℃ temperature for 45 to 60 minutes.
  • The main use of forced air oven is for drying. In many laboratories (environmental laboratory, biological laboratory and clinical laboratory) samples must be dried before conducting experiments. Forced air ovens can remove the moisture and can also dry the sample effectively. This oven allows the materials to be dried at a lower temperature.

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