Best Gaming Monitor Under 200: How To Choose? Which One To Buy? What Is The Best

Posted by Best Gaming Monitor Under 200 on February 13th, 2020

Gameplay comfort depends not only on a comfortable chair and desk, but also on the performance of the computer, but also on what monitor you have. The quality of the displayed image, as well as its refresh rate, color reproduction, and many other issues, depending on the monitor parameters. Which PC gaming monitor should you choose? What to remember and what to look for. If you want to know more information click here to read more.

Best Gaming Monitor Under 200- Matrix Types

One of the first issues to consider when thinking about which gaming monitor to choose is the type of matrix. The key parameters of the display will depend on the decision made. The sale includes gaming monitors with TN, IPS and VA matrices. What are the characteristics of Best Gaming Monitor Under 200 and which one to choose?


The Best Gaming Monitor Under 200 for 2020

TN matrix

TN matrices are a very often used solution that can be found in budget monitors as well as it is found in Best Gaming Monitor Under 200. TN panels are cheaper to manufacture, but they also have their shortcomings. The key pros and cons of the TN matrix in gaming monitors are presented in the table below

TN matrix in the player monitor

IPS matrix

A gaming monitor with an IPS matrix is ​​a fairly popular solution, especially among players with a slightly higher budget who value better color reproduction and wide viewing angles. 

IPS matrices are a more expensive solution, but they make up for the image quality. Their biggest advantages and shortcomings are presented in the table below.

IPS matrix in the gaming monitor

VA matrix

VA matrices in gaming monitors are a solution that can be considered a compromise, combining the key advantages of the TN and IPS matrix. The offer of gaming monitors with this type of matrix is ​​becoming wider, and its advantages and shortcomings are presented in the table below.

VA Matrix In the Gaming Monitor

After learning about the available types of matrices, you still need to make a decision, and it's best to do it based on the types of games you play most often, and also taking into account whether the monitor is mainly used for gaming, or maybe also for work or other applications.

Best Gaming Monitor Under 200 - What Matrix For Which Games?

If one type of matrix met the expectations of all buyers, there would be no point in producing monitors of another type. However, since each type of matrix has its advantages, it is worth considering which solution will be better for a particular type of game. Buyers most often consider whether to choose a monitor for TN or IPS games, but there are still models with a VA matrix, and besides, the type of matrix should be adapted to the specifics of the games used.

The monitor for dynamic games - for example for action games, FPS or FPP, may have a TN matrix that will provide the fastest response time and it is quite possible that the best refresh rate in relation to the price of the monitor.

Monitor for RPG, adventure and strategy games and in fact for all productions where reaction time is not as important as perfect color reproduction, deep black and effective contrasts, the best choice will be a monitor with an IPS matrix. With a higher shopping budget, you can find a monitor with an IPS matrix with acceptable response time and a high refresh rate.

Players who play various types of games, as well as users who want to buy a monitor for games and work, can also opt for a monitor with a VA matrix, which combines the features of IPS and TN monitors and in terms of quality and price is more or less after in the middle of these solutions.

Gaming Monitor What Resolution?

Another important consideration to consider when choosing a gaming monitor is the monitor resolution. This is an issue that should be made dependent on the available budget, but also on the parameters of the computer itself. Currently, the most popular solutions include:

Full HD Resolution: Still enjoys great popularity, although the sale will already have a huge amount of monitors with higher resolution. The advantage of a Full HD monitor will be a lower price compared to a WQHD or 4K monitor, as well as the fact that it will work well even with weaker graphics cards.

WQHD Resolution: A resolution offering higher image detail than Full HD. WQHD gaming monitors are also not as expensive as 4K models and we can easily buy a model with this resolution with a high refresh rate.

4K Resolution: The most expensive of the solutions, which in addition usually offers a refresh rate of 60 Hz, which is a major drawback in dynamic action games. 

This resolution is recommended for monitors with larger screen sizes and for computers with a good graphics card. A 4K gaming monitor will be a good choice 

When You Buy A Gaming And Movie Monitor?

Screen resolution has a direct impact on image detail and detail mapping, but not always the most advanced solution will be the best a lot depends on the funds available to buy the monitor (it's hard to find a 4K gaming monitor for less than a thousand zlotys).

What Size Gaming Monitor Should You Choose?

No less important than the type of matrix and the resolution of the monitor is its size. How big gaming monitor should you choose? It is worth making this decision based on the available space for the monitor a small, corner desk, will not fit rather a large diagonal widescreen monitor, and a small screen will be a poor choice for a large and spacious deck. 


Benefits Of Buying The Best Gaming Monitor Under 200


What Size Monitor Should You Choose? 

Monitors in the following sizes are the most popular:

24 Inches 

A popular and very universal monitor size for gaming, but also for work and many other applications. Rather, it will easily fit on any desk. Which 24 inch gaming monitor should you choose? The monitor in this size works well with Full HD resolution.

27 Inches

A slightly larger screen will provide a better experience when playing or watching movies. The 27-inch or 28-inch gaming monitor generally has the most-popular aspect ratio (16: 9) and works well with both Full HD and WQHD resolutions.

34 Inches And Above

Monitors with a screen size of 34 inches or higher are great for a large desk. This is a good choice when you are looking for a widescreen or curved-screen monitor (these are usually large). Monitors of this size can be bought in different resolutions, but the largest gaming monitor will benefit a lot from 4K resolution.

The largest gaming monitors can have a screen size of 65, 86 or even 98 inches - but these are expensive and very large solutions for a standard desk. However, if we prefer to play on the big screen, it is worth considering whether a TV or a gaming monitor will be better. If it is to be used only for games and movies, we can consider buying a TV (it will also be useful for the console), but even then it is worth having a smaller monitor for standard computer use (for work, internet browsing).

Best Gaming Monitor Under 200

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