What does Apigee do?

Posted by Chris Morgan on February 13th, 2020

What is Apigee?

Many of us are in a state of haze when it comes to the functioning and working of Apigee. Apigee is a platform for developing and handling API’S. companies these days want to make their services available on the web. Apigee facilitates this and provides a platform for companies to expose themselves and manage their websites. Apigee also allows you to provide secure access to your services. Apigee is a cross-cloud API management platform that fastens the pace of digital business. Apigee gives businesses a control over their APIs and visibility into the APIs. Apigee is the leading provider of API technology in today’s world.

Being an API management platform, Apigee possesses the following features:

  1. Developer portal: Apigee attracts and engages application developers and enables them to discover and explore the API’S. it also allows them to register and access the API’s.
  2. Gateway to security: Apigee provides a safe gateway to secure and mediate the commotion between clients and backends. It also ensures a secure network between a company’s API and that of the developers, customers as well as partners.
  3. API lifecycle management: Apigee manages the process of designing, developing, publishing and deploying the various versions of API’s.
  4. Analytics engine: Apigee is also an analytics engine that gives insights for businessmen and operational administrators and enables them to manage all aspects of a company’s API.
  5. API monetization: Apigee enables API providers to package, price and publish their API’s so that the partners can purchase access.
  6. User console: it facilitates in adding users, configuring limits. This is beneficial when users or keys are not supported by original APIs
  7. Support multiple authentication mechanisms like XML and JSON

You must be wondering what the benefit of Apigee are. Here are some of the benefits of Apigee:

  1. Design APIs: Apigee effortlessly produces API proxies and visually codes them. You can also code to customize your API behavior.
  2. Secure APIs: Apigee implements consistent government policies and securities across all APIs. It also safeguards your data from OWASP threats.
  3. Publish APIs: using Apigee’s three-stage publishing tool, you can reuse access controls and portal content as well as manage the API audience from your portal.
  4. Analyze APIs: Apigee helps you figure out the traffic surges and drills deep into API traffic info. It also traces live API calls using real time insights. Tracking active apps and developers has never been easier.
  5. Monetize APIs: Apigee uses out of the box monetization to create new opportunities, scale API programs and move on from the existing models.
  6. Developer portal: allowing you to customize your portal, Apigee enables developers to easily test and explore API keys and speed up API adoption with solutions.
  7. Manage microservices: API management is needed when microservices communicate with developers and external partners.

All in all, Apigee is your one stop platform for all your API needs. There are many Apigee consulting firms like Prointegrate that guide you. Also, Apigee consulting solutions are provided by many platforms.

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