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Posted by limmzhou on February 14th, 2020

I likely wouldn't have been that interested in MMOs from the Temtem Pansun Eastern marketplace five years back, but I have really been itching for a fantastic MMO experience and the Western developers just have not really scratched the right itch. I think there could be some nostalgia blended in with my comparatively recent interest in games from Asian developers. I lived in Korea and I found myself missing the culture and art of the area. I guess that the art style of games such as Astellia Online can be so appealing to me.

That is probably also why I jumped at the opportunity to check out Astellia Online during their current closed beta. I had the opportunity to play with it at PAX South, but it was a guided experience.

That's not normally the part of a game that I go for, so that I didn't really feel I walked off with a good sense of this game.The closed beta is a different story, however. That means the game is finished, and lots of the bugs and issues of the initial launch have been found already. Beta in this case is a test of programs for the most part, and I think that's what we saw in this case.

I'm going to walk through a couple of the cheap Temtem Pansun things I believe we are told by that the beta around Astellia Online today. We'll touch on some of the work which has to be performed to convert the game from its original structure to a more suited for a Western audience. I'll go through some of my early impressions about the game, and also what I mean by early impressions of an already completed game.

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