The importance of cosmetic display counter

Posted by sere on February 14th, 2020

Cosmetic display counter is the most important part inside cosmetic shop decorate, its biggest effect depends on the vision that can put consumer into bag, wait for consumer, generous give money, produce consumptive behavior. As the saying goes "clothes make the man", cosmetics as skin care products, if there is no a good cosmetics display counter to foil, not only will not increase sales, but also depreciate the value of cosmetics itself. So no matter brand cosmetics, or want to establish a brand image of the new line of cosmetics listing, to attach great importance to the cosmetics counter design and production.

Artistic beauty comes first

The display of cosmetic display counter is mainly for better display cosmetics, especially for high-grade cosmetics, must highlight its artistic beauty, can use certain artistic modeling to make cosmetics clever layout, mutual glow, so as to achieve the effect of the overall beauty. The method that different cosmetics displays is different as far as possible, the modelling of having a unique style, can attract the eyeball of consumer more, pay attention to on artistic beauty, beautiful, easy, symmetrical, harmonious, still can use a few small adorn article to wait at the same time.

Visibility is key

Cases to show is for the purpose of the goods, if the goods display shelves can't very well, so its design loses the fundamental, in order to better show, can attract consumers in the first impression, mall general to customized products, shown in the space and location, and method, strive to make the customer be clear at a glance.

Explicitness reveals the quality of goods

External consumers care about is not the commodity, it is on the first impression to attract customers, then mainly in the commodity description, such as: commodity prices, the article number, the origin of a product, brand, etc., each item as much as possible in terms of product introduction, so let the consumer can more detailed understanding of the commodity, so as to produce the desire to buy.

The sense of richness makes the exhibits perfect

As a formal cosmetics store, not only to meet the consumer demand, to also do the same products, complete on different types, so that we can give the customer more meticulous care, convenience of our customers, when displayed orderly cosmetics, goods is complete, rich, make consumers feel there is a lot of choice.

The rationalization of layout facilitates customer choice

In the commodity layout, to consider consumer psychological needs and shopping habits, for the same variety or the same series of cosmetics display counter should be displayed in the same location, display height should be appropriate, for consumers to see and feel, so as to improve the visibility and positive visual effect of cosmetics.

A successful cosmetic display counter can reflect a brand's style, personality and understanding of cosmetics culture. Nowadays, the importance of cosmetic display counter for cosmetics brands has been recognized by every cosmetics company and new cosmetics vendors. Therefore, cosmetics merchants and cosmetics brands, in order to achieve the best brand publicity effect, attract more target customers. Are trying to find high-quality cosmetic display counter manufacturers, hope to be able to make a really suitable for their own brand of cosmetic display counter.

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