The benefits of aluminium sliding doors

Posted by aihw on February 14th, 2020

Aluminium sliding door is popular for many years, the combination of door frame (optional style) + transparent glass, cooperate wider doorway, pretend bility is full, it is the web celebrity model of recent years. Especially with indoor partition, do not affect daylighting, make half open space, still do not occupy a space. Why are aluminium sliding doors so popular? Careful study discovers: the advantage that sliding door is so much originally.

Sliding door, it is the door that can push pull, according to track position, cent ground track and hanging track.

To track

The earth track is common to everyone, there are rails on the top of the earth track, the door under the dark wheel for sliding. Generally equipped with a door frame, the installation of a relatively high degree of fit, strict, stable.

The track can be installed directly on the ground or slotted into the ground. Directly installed will protrude from the ground, easy to trip people, if directly installed, the height of the rail should not exceed 5mm. The built-in type is more secure, though it is more expensive and difficult to install.

Crane rail

There is also a kind of hanging rail door on the track, also known as the hanging door. The track is installed above the door opening, the biggest advantage is that there is no ground track, suspended on the ground, no sanitary dead corner, convenient and clean, also won't trip people.

The bearing of hanging rail door depends on go up track completely, do not suggest to install on light body wall, time went up door experience sinks. The installation is highly technical, and if the track is not installed properly, the door will tilt and slide, or sway back and forth.

Sliding aluminum kitchen doors

Usually the kitchen is adjacent with dining-room, sliding door can separate the lampblack of the kitchen already, and still can see the circumstance inside the kitchen. For example, when the lover cooks soup in the kitchen, the busy figure can be clearly seen through the sliding door, which is conducive to the communication between family members.

If kitchen daylighting is poorer, transparent sliding door still can strengthen kitchen daylighting, let kitchen bid farewell to dim state.

Sliding aluminum bedroom doors

Below the circumstance with bedroom space enough big, can choose to use sliding door to separate sleeping space and other area, wait for instance study, cloakroom, balcony, satisfy dimensional function to divide, at the same time double layer insulating glass fills argon, sound insulation effect is good.

Open the door, can be quiet study; Close the door, it is a comfortable sleeping environment. Home, should not be so casual freehand brushwork?

Aluminium sliding door for balcony

A lot of times, do not want to use partition wall to separate balcony directly with sitting room, can choose sliding door. Safety and sound insulation, dust - proof than not to install a lot better sliding door.

Install aluminium sliding door in the home, satisfy a variety of demand such as functional partition, enlarge visual space, sound insulation and dustproof. Most importantly, it looks good in any way.

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