What is better to do: Java or software testing? Which has more scope?

Posted by cyber success on February 14th, 2020

With many paths to take in the IT industry, many newcomers are overwhelmed with the number of choices. In particular, they have a doubt whether old technologies survive with the new developments. One such case is the doubt whether java is still relevant and is it best to avoid it and take the path of testing. One cannot answer this question at the outset so we understand each of them and then decide. Whatever you may decide, Our Software training institute in Pune will train you for respective career paths.

  • Java

Despite being decades old, java is still one of the most popular programming languages. Its scalability, portability, and flexibility are the key factors for it. Although the initial implementations of JVM were slow which made the performance of Java decrease, faster implementations of JVM are arising now which also made the performance of java increase and also its applicability. Let us see now why new Java developers are still in demand.

  • Java for Enterprise and Scientific Applications

Due to a large number of libraries and robustness java provides, it has become a staple of enterprise software development and also used for various scientific applications. As Oracle makes sure that newer versions of Java are backward compatible, It is safe to build applications in java and thus new Java Developers will be constantly needed to develop and maintain applications.

With java implementation of Python, python being developed which allows Python code to be run through java, the power of both the languages can be now leveraged in the creation of more powerful software.

  • Android application development

Due to its extreme portability, it naturally finds itself useful for the development of mobile applications for android. As the popularity of Android does not wane and applications will be continuously developed for it, java developers will be needed.

Our java institute in Pune will do everything that needs to turn you into a complete java developer. As this is a certification course, you will earn a certificate of completion which is very useful. This is java class with placement which certainly places you in a good company in a nice position.

  • Software Testing

Testing is very fundamental for all software projects as it ensures that the bugs are detected and the product meets the quality requirements. It is indispensable in all the software projects and will be present at all the time. But as the software industry changed a lot and many new developments happening, it increases demands for testers who can leverage the new technologies and methodologies while accepting the new challenges.

  • Ever-growing demands of faster and better quality products

With growing demands for faster and better quality applications, many teams are adopting Agile or DevOps or both of them for application development. Software testers with good knowledge of either of these methodologies will be required by many organizations.

  • Emerging technologies to be used

With the formulation of new techniques and tools and the developments brought by Artificial intelligence and Machine learning, the field of software testing increases in its abilities which also increases the need of the testers with good knowledge of them.

  • Testers with Domain knowledge

Along with the general problems that plague all the areas of software application, there are also problems related to specific domains like IoT or AI/ML that might creep into the software. This increases the demand for Software testers especially the people who are skilled in that specific domain.

Our Software testing classes in Pune will give you all the fundamental knowledge of testing along with much of the practical knowledge. At the end of the software testing classes, certifications will be provided which will be a great addition for CVs. You also do not need to manually search for jobs as this is a software testing course with placements.


As both java and testing are evolving along with recent trends while maintaining their core importance, we can see that both of them are important in their own way and have huge scopes. So, we really cannot say which of them is better than the other in an absolute sense and thus what to study is just a personal preference.

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