How to Create a Personalized Email ID on Outlook

Posted by Aida Martin on February 14th, 2020

If you are using the Outlook Premium package, then you can build a personalized email address on it. There are chances that you can make the customized domain ID if you contain the Office 365 Personal or Home package. Moreover, you have to use Go Daddy as the domain registrar. As you are building a professional business online, you must have a custom email address such as rather than using

Prior it was probable to build convention email ID for free. Now this advantage is finished as Microsoft has been providing a similar service with the Office 365 subscription. So if you need to build the email address with a domain.

How to Create a Personalized Email ID on Outlook

If you need to build an email address through a domain, then you can follow the provided steps:

  1. It is preferred to build a personalized email ID if you have the Office 365 Personal and Home package.
  2. You must require the domain for a clear motive though it must only be registered with Go Daddy. Now Outlook does not permit users to utilize domain from different registers.
  3. If you have a domain with different register and you need to build the personalized email with Outlook you have to convert it into Go Daddy.
  4. Though you can utilize the personalized email using the, you do not utilize it as the standalone mail. You have to depend on available or the ID which you have already.

How to Build Custom Domain Mail ID in Outlook

If you need to build custom domain mail ID in Outlook, then abide by the given instructions:

  1. Launch the Settings option.
  2. Tap on the Get Started option in the Premium.
  3. Insert the domain name to authenticate.
  4. Log in to the GoDaddy account to confirm the ownership.
  5. Navigate to the Premium option.
  6. Select the Personalized email option.
  7. Tap on the Create address option.
  8. Insert the email ID.
  9. Use it through Outlook.
  10. To start, you have to log in to the Microsoft account that you have been used to buy Office 365 package.
  11. Tap on the setting tab, which is display at the upper navigation section.
  12. Select the View Outlook settings button. It will launch the Settings window of Outlook.
  13. As you have a premium package, then you can tap on the Premium window to discover more options. Then tap on the Get started option below the Personalized email ID title.
  14. On other windows, press the button that prompts I already have the Go Daddy domain.
  15. Insert domain name so as the Outlook may check and see whether the given domain registrar is GoDaddy or not. So you have typed the domain name and then tap on the Validate option.
  16. Then you have to log in to the GoDaddy account to authenticate the ownership.
  17. Tap on the login option. It may lead you to the GoDaddy site so that you need to type the credential.
  18. As you have finished the step, then you can return to the Premium window where you can view the latest sub entry known as Personalized email ID. You have to navigate to the window and then tap on the Create address option. It will build the ID that you like to get. Then you need to insert the preferred mail ID.
  19. Then Press the Next option.
  20. Then you can navigate to the Premium and then the Personalized email ID.


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