Whom to consult a Psychiatrist or a Psychologist?

Posted by Dr Vipul Rastogi on February 14th, 2020

Today let us know when we actually need to consider about meeting with psychiatrist. When people are disturbed and don't have someone to talk with, that is the time when they actually needed someone to pour their heart out. It is not always easy to find a good psychiatrist with whom you can share your problems with.

Not all psychiatrist that you meet will understand your problem and give instant solution to your problem. Psychiatrist  in Gurgaon are the best psychiatrist to consult with. People also get confuse that whom to consult- Psychiatrist or a Psychologist. People even don't know the exact difference between the two: psychiatrist or a psychologist. So first let us know the exact meaning and difference between the both.


Psychiatrist is a doctor not similar to psychologists. They have studied medicines and then they do higher courses and specializes in Psychiatry. It generally involves the problem related to mental health. Psychiatry is one of the branch of medicines which includes study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of all mental illness or disorders. A good psychiatrist must recognise the exact problem of their patients and must recognise whether the symptoms are due to physical illness or it is a combination of various physical and mental ailments or it is a serious problem of psychiatry. They have done a long term training in the field of bio-psycho-social which is an approach towards the management and assessment of mental issues.


They are the person who excels in psychology. They study about human behaviour and their mind. Psychologist keep a keen eyes on the behaviour, habit, mental process of the human being by observing and interpreting that how they actually relate with the other people and the atmosphere around them. Like psychiatrists, psychologists don't prescribe medicines. Rather they talk with their patients and try to know what worry them and take all the negativity out of them. They give psychotherapy to their patients. Psychologist keep on researching and working on the patients to know varieties of things that actually troubles them and sometimes either they work individually or they collaborate with other healthcare team or physicians.

 Difference between the Psychiatrist and Psychologists.

Though they work together to provide better treatment to their patients but their work pattern differs. Psychiatrist studies medicines and are well trained in medicines. They have the right to prescribe medications and give their full time in making their clients understand about the management of medicines as a part of their treatment process. Whereas psychologists don't treat their patients with medications. Rather they use psychotherapy to treat their patients. With the help of behavioural intervention psychologists treat the mental and emotional problems of patients.

 Their education qualifications also differ. Psychiatrist studies medicine and they are trained in general medicines and after completion of that they get the degree of MD.  Later on they do practice for four years in the field of psychiatry and after getting the experience they work in the hospitals psychiatric unit and serves all kind of patients.

Whereas a person aiming to become a psychologist must obtain the doctoral degree of PhD and PsyD. Psychologist generally studies the behavioral pattern of the human being. They learn to study the mind of people and also study about the psychological history and personality development. Psychiatrist in Gurgaon has the complete team of psychiatrist and psychologist that work together on serving people wellness and good health.

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