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Comparison of Pressure Electronic and Mechanical Switches

Posted by massmeasure on February 14th, 2020

Pressure switches are most commonly used for operating many commercial applications in various industry and manufacturing facilities. Their function is to provide systems the essential electrical feedback so as to measure the rise or fall in pressure more accurately. A pressure switch is generally equipped with an adjustable mechanism with respect to the chosen set point of function. It is also known as pressure sensor as it can be used to respond to fluid pressure. For instance, a pneumatic switch in pumps and compressors, or hydraulic switches in automobile engineering. If you are in the market for a pressure switch but don’t know whether to go for an electronic or a mechanical switch, you can refer to this post to make an informed decision. Here, we are going to make a in-depth comparison on electronic and mechanical pressure switches

Working of mechanical based switches

Mechanical pressure switches have the ability to convert fluid pressure into a mechanical movement. This then actuates a mechanical switch connection in the pressure switch tool. The switch in most case in either configurable or it has a pre-set mechanical adjustment of the switch point. This can offer an electrical switch output signal whenever it is actuated without requiring any power source.

When to use a mechanical switch?

When single switch contacts and price are the primary concern, mechanical pressure switches can be the best bet. They are also ideal for safety critical applications that need a redundant, and highly dormant safety guard that provides an instant switch signal when pressure moves across a certain pre-set threshold. That being said, they are not the first choice when it comes to process control systems due to mechanical wear and premature failure outcomes.

Working of electronic pressure switches

These can quite effectively provide electronic switch output signals. They can also be used to output an additional amount of analogue output signal, which is proportional to the applied pressure. These type of pressure switches are factory set to optimal switch points or can be programmed on-site (thanks to integrated displays). Their integrated programmable logic permit switch points and output signal to get catered according to the application.

When to use an electronic switch?

Electronic pressure switches work best for applications that require high stability, multiple switch points and control flexibility. These can be used for control and automated devices. They are the best option for installations that require flexible programming, local indication display and additional analogue output signals.

We hope you found this post useful and there are many more websites where you can learn more on heavy-duty mechanical pressure switch and other pressure switch variants.

Author: The author is a blogger and the article is about pressure switches.

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