If you take fish oil supplements use the best fish oil Omega 3

Posted by albertareid on March 19th, 2012

Which is the best fish oil? This is one question you may want to ask yourself before you buy that bottle of fish oil Omega 3. There are different parameters that decide which the best fish oil is. The bottom line is simple – if you plan to consume fish oil Omega 3 you should always buy the best. Using some very simple checks you can find out about the best.

Fish oil Omega 3 is beneficial for the entire body. It prevents cardiovascular diseases and is known to prevent cancers of the prostate, colon and breasts. Fish oil also helps prevent diabetes because it lowers insulin resistance in the body and helps manage the blood glucose level. Other diseases like Parkinson’s Disease, Lupus Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease can also be prevented by fish oil. Fish oil Omega 3 also alleviates mood swings and is recommended for depressive people and those with suicidal tendencies. And of course, fish oil is excellent for skin and hair.

One of the indicators of the best fish oil is the type of fish from which the oil has been extracted. Fish can be found in rivers as well as seas and oceans. Because river fish are contaminated by industrial and commercial pollution they are not the best choices to extract fish oil Omega 3. When you buy fish oil supplements you should ensure that you buy supplements where the oil has been extracted from sea fish like salmon, herring or tuna and other species of fish.

The other indicator good quality fish oil is the amount of Omega 3 present in it. Inadequate amount of Omega 3 is not going to be give you the results you are looking for. On the other hand, if the Omega 3 content is too high it could be detrimental for your health. 1 gram of Omega 3 is available in 3.5 ounces of fish. It is best that you look for the Omega 3 content in your fish oil Omega 3 before you buy it.

Online reviews give you good indications about the best fish oil Omega 3. Since fish oil is now largely consumed in the western world and there are many companies that manufacture fish oil supplements, finding online reviews is not difficult. Get hold of some of the brand names and see what people have been talking about them. Finding the best fish oil Omega 3 will be easy.

It is very difficult to have fish oil as syrup although this form of fish oil Omega 3 is available. The smell of it is rather difficult to handle. Hence, you should look for fish oil tablets or pills so that you don’t need to handle the stink. A tablet or pill in the morning and another before going to bed should be easy.

Don’t compromise on the quality of fish oil Omega 3 if you plan to include it in your diet. It is the best fish oil that is going to provide you all the benefits.

The best fish oil is extracted from sea fish. Fish oil Omega 3 is packed in the form of tablets and pills that act as excellent dietary supplements.

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