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Media has a long-lasting influence on the outlook of the viewer, reader, and the audience.  In order to avoid any misinterpretation, the news should be presented the way an incident happened. Due to the advancement of the present era, the choices of news sources have become limitless. It is high time to found strong and accurate news websites that are independent and unbiased.

In order to run the pages and create a hype, many websites come up with exaggerated news so that people may find it lucrative. It not only change the perception of the news they keep on getting also make them stagnant in the situation. It was clearly seen in the 2016 United States presidential election. Due to the Russian influence and continuous onslaught of bots that disseminated fake news through social media and caused mass confusion. They misguided voters to cast their votes to the candidate they prefer. Many misleading profiles and new websites are popping up daily and are coming up with inaccurate news. This practice is still going on. Different sources still try to benefit from the wrongly presented story.

All the news sources claim that they are genuine, and no one is influencing them, but most of them are just marketing these facts as they only spread the news for the highest bidders. Also, each news channel tries to promote its own parent company. Previously many companies owned the large percentage of media which ensured level playing ground for at least large companies, but now it is done by only six
Walt Disney Company
21st Century Fox
Time Warner
CBS Corporation
Comcast Corporation and NBC Universal merger

When these companies have gained all the access to the news coverage and broadcast rights, it is obvious that they will promote things that benefit them and will definitely protest those who are against their interests.

Among this, people try to find solidarity in the small news and portal sources, but as they somehow are lenient to at least any of these gigantic companies, even the news they present is not free from controversy. Just to throw off the viewer or the audience, they might bring two or three specialists to debate or discuss a situation that doesn’t actually address the problem or shows practical steps that are required. These are shown just to deceive the mass people.

That is why, in today’s world, it has become really essential to find a news source that is truly independent. Maybe that is equivalent of finding a needle in a haystack. Still, if you follow any particular sources news, you should try other portals too as they might broaden your conception. The bottom line is that it is your right to know the truth, to know what is actually going on in your country.

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