Tips in Decorating a Living Room with a Sectional Couch

Posted by Ashley HomeStore Prince George on February 14th, 2020

A sectional couch in Prince George placed in a corner of a room can be intimidating from a design standpoint. What are you going to do with the rest of the space? How will you make it feel more inviting?

Even if you buy a good sectional couch in Prince George, it can still look intimidating in your room. So, here are some tips on how you can decorate your room to look more inviting if you have a sectional couch in Prince George:

1. Add an area rug.

An area rug creates a dedicated space. It cuts off that portion of the room from the rest of your space so that the Sectional Couch in Prince George doesn’t look like it is taking up everything in that space. Make sure you choose an area rug that will stick out from the sectional couch. If it is a smaller one, it might not work quite as well.

2. Choose the right coffee table.

A coffee table is always a good addition. But to prevent losing more space, go for the right size of coffee table. If you have a large sectional couch, it makes more sense to choose something more compact. You can decorate the coffee table with candles, piled-up books or a small potted plant.

3. Decorate using colored or printed throw pillows.

Make your sectional couch look less imposing. If it comes with pillows already, try changing the pillow covers to those that are contrasting to the color of the sectional couch. You can also opt for those with prints. Mix and match prints and colors to create more dimension in the living room.

4. Put a floor lamp right next to it.

Add more lighting not just to illuminate the space but also to add a design point. Choose a lamp that towers over your couch.

5. Decorate the wall behind it.

Put framed artwork or display your photos. It draws attention away from the couch so that isn’t the only thing you see when you walk into the living room.

It’s also important to choose the right sectional couch. Bigger does not always mean better. When choosing a sectional couch at stores like Ashley Homestore, measure the space you have properly and choose a couch that fits just right in the space with more room for people to move around. You should be able to comfortably move around without worrying about hitting your legs on furniture.

Pick the right type of design of the sectional as well. If you have a small space, go for those with simpler designs or those that look more compact. Color is a vital factor to consider as well. Since it is a big piece, go for understated colors to make it easier to add accessories and art pieces.

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