Guidelines on Umrah with Children or Elderly.

Posted by Ady on February 14th, 2020

Umrah is one of the two pilgrimages that Muslims perform abundantly throughout the year; almost 20-30 million people. It doesn’t matter what time, which month or what season you are travelling in, Haramain remains crowded with a sea of pilgrims. While appropriate steps have been taken by the Government bodies to properly manage such a huge number of pilgrims, yet inconveniences might not be eliminated. Thus, if you are travelling alone, these problems might not concern you. However, when travelling in the busiest time of Ramadan umrah package deals, while being accompanied by children and elderly is a huge responsibility.
Here are a few guidelines on umrah with children and the elderly.

Prepare individual IDs.

Preparing Travel IDs for every single member of your family must be on the top of your checklist. You can include copies of Passports, Hotel Information, Flight tickets data and emergency contact numbers in this regard. Hand out these IDs to every individual and teach them to contact the relevant authorities in case of an emergency.

Receive appropriate Vaccinations.

Vaccinations are necessary for everyone. Whether you, your children or the elderly members of your family, even infants need them too. Therefore, first, consult your doctor and have everyone medically checked-up. So that you may remain aware of the travel health conditions, precautions to take and helpful tactics to cope with different situations.

Get them to know about the Umrah.

Children need answers; it doesn’t matter whether you are going on a 1-day trip or to perform umrah, they will keep on questioning different things in order to explore them. So, it’s better to educate them about umrah using interesting stories, visual communication and pieces of advice. As far as elderly people are concerned, also educate them about umrah obligations, prohibitions, penalties, and the proper way of performing the rituals.

Never compromise on quality Accommodation.

Rest is equally important for children as well as for the elderly. So, don’t compromise on the quality of accommodation. It’s always better to spend more than to regret later. Thus, try to get private accommodation in good-stars hotels. So that, privacy and comfort might be guaranteed for your family.

Stick to healthy and organic eating only.

When on umrah with family, you cannot risk falling ill; neither for yourself nor for others. Thus, only stick to organic eating. Consume sufficient amounts of vegetables and fruits. Keep yourself hydrated. Avoid junk food as much as you can. So, you can minimize the risk of catching different diseases. If possible, also take some precautionary medicines and snacks with you beforehand.

Use the facility of Wheelchairs, and Baby-carriers.

To make Umrah easier for your family, wheelchairs facility is present in haram. On the other hand, you can buy a baby-carrier from anywhere (if travelling with infants because strollers are not allowed). Thus, use both of them according to the need.

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