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Posted by Amit Negi on February 14th, 2020

Hi, guys. Welcome back to my Bride Mehendi again, we have started with this wedding Series. And I know you all love my amazing seniors a lot. So this is waiting for 2009. Themes for stopping with Jeff Beck is Mehendi. So let's get started.

So today, as we do, I'm going to talk about all that dos and don'ts you should follow by picking up the best Mehendi Designer. for yourselves now. There are many things which you should keep it in mind. Um, you know, some I will be just revising.

So the first thing is a book in advance because, you know, in India marriage, he then comes after likes August or September, all festival season comes that day and your Mehendi Artists should be booked in advance. So please, please, please do that. The second is to research our Lord. Nowadays, Instagram gives you a good option that's just dialed into so many apps, so many places where you can search for a good Mehendi wala also a trial is very important.

Make sure that you do a trial designed to warn just Pinterest. Check Pinterest for designs you want so that you could. Sure. That trend which is going on and that will be really very, very helpful. Now, I know the point is, please, this is really very important because this has happened to me in my Nolfi marriage. Like when I relatives' marriage and I had applied Mehendi. Now, I didn't mean what chemicals did they use.

The second day my full face was swollen up like four, five to six days. I was totally on antibiotics and allergy pills and all just because my face was fully swollen up. And the WHO like the marriage ban ceremony. My facelessness blando. You know, I have faith that and I'll always keep it in mind to check their composition or, you know, whatever chemicals they bought, just strictly check do it, do a patch test. And that's really very, very important these days.

So I know 10 20 that I like. It can go unlimited and please set your budget for it. I would recommend you to better go for something which is very affordable. Good, because, you know, after that. Mehendi , no one even sees all designed you just removed off. It is just photos, candid pics and everything for my memories and not more than that. Even when you go for your honeymoon.

Needed comes out, you know. So I don't think it's better to invest much in a Mehendi. Okay. Now comes the application. Time is. I would better suggest you two apply. I did one day before that event. Your marriage. Just because if you applied to work three days before you always go for bad and everything and that Mehendi removes off, you know it comes out. So it's better to just plan one day before and also before applying Mehendi do not apply anymore.

Should either because it will never let that oily mess will never let that Mehendi stick to better apply eucalyptus oil or mustard seed oil and just massage even Mehendi wala. Does that massage your hands nicely and then start applying? Okay, that will be more convenient. Now, most of the time there is not any function going on during this Mehendi and nowadays they have those functions at home. But does he do it that you will lose clause? Now you can ask.

A good car that I was okay. I thought that very good. Then can be a good option because you know, you can put it up or you can just wear a maxi dress. That's really very, very convenient. Nice. So which has, you know, nice heavy maxi dress, but pretty comfortable. OK, so try not to really help you with a lot of and gay parties. If you work a that is much more convenient to tie up your hair very loose, close to not tryng like waters because you will be urging to visit too.

And also or do not like to keep your head open because that may disturb you. Also, do not all of the wash off your hand.

It's better to remove that from a blind night. That butter knife. Okay, that will be more convenient. And also make sure that you just don't wash your hands with water. Don't come in contact with water for at least three to four hours after removing that Mehendi. Just because it will pay. dark and color and just be natural, like, don't stress yourself.

That is the main point. And these are all the points which I do. I did it just to make you aware. I like to pick a good bridal mehendi artists. What all you should do. I hope you have enjoyed this article. So do click to my Website Findmetop connected for more and more articles. Thank you. Thank you so much for reading. By.


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