Impressive Specs on Offer With Automatic Electric Airsoft Pistols

Posted by adairsawyer on March 21st, 2012

A lot of airsoft enthusiasts prefer electric airsoft pistols. These are automatic rifles that make it easy to shoot. They are called AEG or automatic electric guns because they are powered by an electric motor which in turn is supported by rechargeable batteries. The type of battery that you purchase is important, though you may also want to find out more about the battery charging procedure as it is not advisable to overcharge the battery. High quality automatic airsoft guns come with an ABS plastic body which is durable, lightweight, easy to use and also resistant to high impact and heavy duty usage. The kit also includes a bonus package of BBs along with the speed loader.

An impressive automatic airsoft gun feature is the muzzle velocity in excess of 300 FPS which can be managed with 0.12g BBs. Some expensive electric airsoft pistols can give you more than 300 FPS even with 0.2 BBs. In some cases, you can go ahead and use 0.25g BBs as well. The guns come with a precision cut motor pinion and bevel gear along with steel bushings. The shooting experience is made even more pleasurable with features such as a weaver rail mounting system and a retractable stock with 6 positions. The realistic look of modern automatic pistols is further complemented by the texture, look and realistic appearance with advanced super torque motors and a high capacity magazine that can fire as many as 450 rounds in some cases.

The cheaper electric airsoft pistols can be purchased for less than $50 especially if you can manage a discount. These automatic pistols can give you a realistic blowback action for recoil along with a firing speed of up to 200 shots in a minute which is quite impressive. The electric powered pistols can sometimes function in two different modes, semi-automatic and automatic and offer an advantage over the spring powered pistols which need cocking after every shot. 7 inch pistols can give a muzzle velocity of around 200 FPS and the kit includes a 16 shot magazine in most cases. The 15 round automatic airsoft pistols make use of the spin shot system to give you better firing accuracy as well.

Electric airsoft pistols have a front sight blade and a fixed rear sight although a lot of them cannot be used with a scope. There is a safety manual that needs to be followed. 4 AA batteries are used by the electric motor, although the kit may or may not include these batteries. Some kits might include a rechargeable 7.2 V battery along with a charger. There are kits that include 30 round magazines along with metal gearbox and an orange muzzle. The pistols are lightweight weighing around 2 – 3lbs. The firing is also enhanced in automatic airsoft pistols with the use of an aluminium full length barrel. Full metal alloy slide is another component which you will find in expensive pistols. 7 inch tactical pistols with rapid fire capability and realistic blowback action can also be picked up at very affordable rates.

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