Why You Should Give Out Company Swag to Employees

Posted by Successories on February 15th, 2020

Company swag is anything that displays your company’s logo, from coffee mugs and T-shirts to stress relievers and tumbler sets. Swag and gifts can be powerful marketing tools while also promoting employee pride and happiness. They make great corporate gifts for managers as well as showing appreciation for your employees. If you haven’t given out office swag, here are a few reasons that might change your mind.

Showing Appreciation

Company swag is an affordable way to show appreciation for your employees, whether they have recently achieved success, or you want to express your gratitude. Even something as simple as a company-branded water bottle or coffee mug is something practical the employee can use. A shirt with the company logo promotes employee solidarity and can be fun to wear on Fridays.

Celebrating employees and their successes engages them, and engaged, happy employees create a better workplace culture. A positive culture has all sorts of everyday benefits that are difficult to quantify in number but can be felt throughout the workplace. Pride, recognition, and team spirit create the kind of environment employees enjoy coming to work to.

Tailored Gifts Show You Care

Custom, company-branded employee gifts can show that you care enough to give your employees tailored gifts. The keys are relevancy, usability, and affordability. For instance, everyone uses smartphones. You can give out power banks with a custom logo or saying, or a branded charger. If the items are just for your small team, consider a logo as well as a team saying or inside joke. The two questions to consider are: Will the employee use it? What item best uses the company logo?

Tailored gifts show that the company cares about and is actively supporting employees. Fun gifts like stress balls and small games can provide brain breaks, letting an employee stop and catch their breath while stressed or tired.

Brand Awareness and Advertising

Of course, a company-branded item in the wild is easy advertising. The tumbler that the employee brings their morning coffee in, a tote bag, or a notebook are all items that could be used outside of work. It’s a fantastic marketing tool when employees wear their shirts outside of work. Compared to a full marketing campaign, office swag is a cost-effective way to extend branch reach and name recognition with little effort on your company’s part. The vital aspect is giving your employees company swag that they will use, especially outside of working hours. Whether it’s bringing a branded tote bag and water bottle to the gym or a tumbler to a coffee shop on the way into the office, it’s an easy way to improve reach.

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