5 Ways To Keep Your New Car In Top Condition

Posted by servicemycar on February 15th, 2020

For many, it’s a dream come faithful buy a replacement car and a few folks keep our cars as prized possessions for several years. If you would like to form the foremost of your car, here are a couple of guidelines that will not only help increase the lifespan of your new car but also will invariably end in lower maintenance costs and better resale value.[Note – The following tips are powered by Jeep Service Dubai Center of United Arab Emirates]

Take it easy

The first thing to recollect is that each new car features a prescribed ‘Running-In’ period. this is often basically the advisable number of kilometers a replacement car must run without stressing the engine. For the primary 1,000-1,200km, it's advised to stay the engine revving under 2000rpm within the case of diesel and between 2500-2700 rpm for a petroleum car.

It is also advisable to stay the engine on idle for a moment after starting the motor and also before turning off the ignition.

The first service is crucial

Manufacturers recommend a prescribed service schedule for a replacement car. most frequently, the primary service interval is about 1,000km. During this service, the mechanics usually re-tune the engine which also lifts all restrictions. you'll also notice a marked improvement within the way your car performs after this.

Thereafter, make sure that you don’t skip the prescribed service schedules. Modern cars just like the Suzuki Baleno, Ford Figo have a service light indicator that tells you if the car is due for a service.

Check engine oil level and air cleaner regularly

It is important that you simply keep an eye fixed on the engine oil level, especially during the primary few service intervals. If there's a leak or if the oil level is basically low, confirm you top it up first, then take the car to the closest service center as soon as possible. Also, confirm you clean the air cleaner every 5,000km to get rid of dust particles that may have accumulated over the course of your time. In ideal conditions, the air cleaner must get replaced every 10,000km.

The importance of tire pressure

Tires are perhaps the foremost important component during a car as they're the only element that's in touch with the road. One should confirm that the tire pressure is ideally set consistent with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Otherwise, it'll cause inconsistent handling and lower fuel efficiency.

Additionally, filling nitrogen rather than air minimizes the leakage and heating from tires within the summer.

Cleanliness is absolute

Keeping your car clean is usually a task in itself. One must not ever wipe the car with a dry cloth because it leaves behind swirl marks. Always use a sufficient amount of water to wipe off the dust or use a wet microfiber cloth. Polish your car with car wax once a month otherwise you could even get a paint protection film or an anti-rust coating is done to retain that new-car shine.

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