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Posted by Michael12lv on February 15th, 2020

Stage 1. It is assumed that you already have a topic of work. At the first stage, we look for free term papers on the Internet with a similar theme in order to make a plan. The plan is ready and we are going to approve it with the head or send it by mail (this can not be done if you already have a plan drawn up and approved by the teacher). We begin to write the easiest first section, where we use mainly theoretical information from specialized literature, periodicals, the Internet and more. We combine information from different sources for the maximum uniqueness of the theoretical part (10-15 pages).

Stage 2. If you have a theoretical course, then you should continue to disclose the theoretical part in this section according to your plan. We add information from other sources, maybe we even use English-language literature to search for the necessary information, since the necessary information is not always there.
If you have practical term paper, then in this section we include analytical information, which will be the basis for writing the third section. Here it is advisable to use more tables and graphs in which we show different dynamics of changes in certain indicators over the past year / month, we make tables where we compare different indicators and more.

Stage 3. Since in the second section of the theoretical course we describe the topic here and include a large number of graphs, tables and figures. For a practical coursework, the main thing is to show your own sentences and what will be the effect of them. It is important not to use theoretical materials and not to duplicate information from other sections.

Next, we draw up the work according to the requirements of the training manual and the university, add the introduction and conclusions. How to write a term paper for the night is not a strong and difficult question, but still if you take the time, carefully read all the requirements and draw up a good work plan, you can get an excellent result on defense or after.

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