Knowing the Importance of a Correct Transaction Tracking and Transaction Reporti

Posted by Mark Watson on February 16th, 2020

Businesses evolve, and with them the technology behind them must evolve as well. In today’s financial landscape it is impossible to survive if you’re not backed up by the right financial solutions. And that includes transaction tracking and transaction reporting solutions for both you and your customers. Being able to keep track of everything going on around you has become a job in itself and things will only get more complicated. That is why you need all the help you can get.

What Does A Transaction Tracking Solution Do?

Independent Sales Organizations, also known as Merchant Services Providers, have become an integral part of the business world. They offer card payment processing solutions, among other things, to merchants that want to increase their revenue and expand their clientele. Having a large customer portfolio can add up to some nice residual income for the ISO. But working with many customers and with different payment methods can become tricky to keep count of.

That is why any ISO needs a good  transaction tracking  solution. This refers to a program that helps the ISO keep track of all the transactions made by its clients and the residual income he has gained from them. The way an ISO makes residual income is by taking a percentage of every transaction any merchant of his makes. This program basically tallies up all the percentages from all the transactions an ISO’s clients do on a daily basis.

Transaction tracking can prove a valuable tool for an ISO, especially if it is looking to expand. The point of the tracking solution is that ISO’s offer financial services to merchants on behalf of other financial institutions. When reviewing a tracking report you can better understand your merchants and you can plan accordingly when looking for more clients. Also, tracking where your residual income comes from can help you make some decisions regarding what to do with it.

What Is Transaction Reporting Used For?

 Transaction reporting  has to do with better understanding where your residual income comes from. In theory it comes from all the transaction the merchants in your portfolio do over a certain time period. And that is true. But there is more to residual income than just knowing where it comes from.

After you have understood what your residual income is made out of, you will have to make sure that it is processed correctly. But doing it on your own can be time consuming and even boring. This is why transaction reporting has been created. This special feature of ISO solutions lets you make sure that your residual income is all there.

There are some things you can do in order to make sure that your residual income is correct. The first thing any ISO should do is make sure that the contract between it and the financial institution it represents is air-tight. Percentages vary and you may want to check the fine print in any agreement you sign with a processor or organization.

Tips on Correct Residual Reporting

It may sound redundant, but always make sure you check your merchants’ monthly reports. Be on the look put for any sudden spikes or drops in volume or value of transactions. Don’t be afraid to call any merchant you have doubts about. After all, you’re in this together. Also try and work out an average and try to keep to it.

The best thing to do when faced with numerous reports and little time is to use CRM, or customer relationship management, software. This type of software has been specifically developed in order to help ISOs calculate and keep track of their residual income. This type of software is able to generate detailed reports regarding the merchants in your portfolio and the income they generate for you.

Any business, no matter its size, needs help sometimes figuring out what to do. This is why people have developed this type of solutions. Doing business doesn’t have to be hard and you shouldn’t waste precious time pouring over pages of data. That time can be used to increase your portfolio. The bottom line is that CRM software companies are here to help. Whether you just need somebody to show you the ropes and give you some basic information or if you’re looking for a deeper understanding of what you can do, the people behind customer relationship management software companies are here to help.

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