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Posted by Washers Game on February 17th, 2020

If you have discovered the fun that the washers game offers at a recent tailgate party, and now you are thinking of buying your own set, make sure you buy the best one. It is like a long-term investment that will stay with you for years to come. You do not require being an expert at the game, and any age is right for you to start playing the game. The Washers Game is just perfect for making your summer hours filled with fun and joy with friends and family.

When forming good connections with loved ones is a desire, this outdoor tossing game is an excellent option. It helps you to do away with smartphone addiction and get back to form some real connections.


Things To Consider

Go for a reputable seller offering you the best version of the washers game. Check the reputation of the seller. It is advisable to go for 3-hole game washer board sets. The most reputable companies offer you a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee offering you a replacement for defective products.

You can also go for comparison pricing, and if you find a lower price of a standard 3-hole washer game product, you may ask your favorite washer game store to offer you cost at competitive rates. It is most likely that they will entertain your request if you do so with proof.

Washers Game sets of high quality are made from various materials. These include carpeted surfaces, light wood, and dark wood options. The best products come with a carry handle allowing you to take them conveniently with you to any locations you may wish to go.

With sturdy boards, you may stand on the washers boards themselves to make your throw.

Washer Game Rules

The rules of the 3-hole washer game are pretty simple to understand. Either 2 (singles) or 4 players (doubles) can play the game at one time. There are slight variations for a 1-1 game and 2-2 game for a team play. The two boards are connected with a 10 feet long rope so that you can get the correct distance between them to start the game.

In individual play, the players can throw the washers from the same side to the opposite board. The first player tosses the three washers onto the opposite boards. Following this, the other player is going to toss his/her three washers.

One point gets scored for the washer which falls into the closest hole. Three points are for the washer in the second hole, while there are 5 points for a washer falling into the farthest hole. The entire washer must fall into a hole for the player to score points.

Make sure all the players are clear about the rules of the game from the start. You can get more information on Washers Game and Washers Game rules by visiting

Washers Game

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