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Posted by limmzhou on February 17th, 2020

In terms of OSRS gold players online possibly being in danger, it's a very, very small proportion. We're looking for and proactively searching for any improper conversations in the marketplace, if they're sex and underage, whether they're acts of terror, whether they are self-harm, and then escalating to your important--there is a risk to those runescape players, a genuine risk. We have seen situations where we have escalated it to police.

On social media, a runescape player has remarked,"Jagex sent someone around to knock on my door to make sure I was fine." Sometimes it is a false alarm, and occasionally it's genuine.

On protecting, the focus is on safeguarding, your risk version is? That is 1 element if I could add. The other side which I would say we take a large quantity of concern around risk is our data provision and the safety of our data for our runescape players. You also said,"We're not psychologists. We are proactive. Some academics say immersive technology is addictive; some say it isn't.

Could you be eager to help professors in Buy Rs gold their research to check at this issue? We have heard evidence--I think it is powerful evidence--about the nature of some matches. Can you, as a top company, be willing to share information with professors in order for them to execute appropriate empirical research into this issue?

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