What is Server Management? - Explained in Detail.

Posted by Sharmin Islam on February 17th, 2020

The importance of technology is increasing with business growth. At present, small business owners are very aware of establishing their own IT department to monitor their servers and network, keeping up upgrades and managing the general health of their hard- and software. 

Today, many businesses are looking for outside professional services to manage the ingredients to keep running the servers and flowing the business. 

Server Management

Server management refers to the tasks that are performed to monitor and manage it using different tools or technologies. Now, server management is much easier than before as the options are now available through various tools that save time enabling you to be more productive. 

Regular server maintenance and monitoring are very important if you want to keep your customers happy and the success of the business. Certainly, to perform these critical tasks can be a great headache when you are also thinking about the growth of your business. At that point, using a server management company can be the best alternative to lessen the concern. 

Advantages of using a server management company

A trusted server management company can do the best for your business. It provides 24/7 technical and administrative support with advanced features like application installations, timely upgrades and maintenance, monitoring, security, regular data backups, restart services, load-balancing, and almost all the important services, for a fixed monthly price. When you are going to maintain the server yourself, it requires some specific skills to manage the server, its applications, timely monitoring and maintenance.  

Let's take a look at the activities server management includes:

Server Management

Server management experts continuously keep examining your server to increase performance and make it always available to your customers. No matter if you have one location or different. 

Server management aims at optimizing the performance of both physical and virtual servers. OpManager is found to be a perfect and very user-friendly tool monitoring server performance, managing applications and troubleshooting faults. It provides servers across Windows, Linux, Unix, VMware, Hyper-V and Xen server platforms, Monitoring physical & virtual servers.

Server Monitoring

Monitoring server performance is very important to know the availability and responsiveness of the server. The company will monitor the servers' system resources like CPU Usage, Memory Consumption, Network, Disk Usage, Process etc to detect and prevent any issues that might affect the server directly or indirectly.

Using server monitoring tools ensures that your server is capable of hosting your applications by providing adequate information relating to the performance of your operating system.


At present, hackers are very cautious as businesses are dependent on the latest technology for their operations. You should rely on a good server management team to gain customers’ trust. The server management companies very responsibly monitor everything that keeps securing your server from bad attempts. You will receive a daily managed backup of your server with the advanced technology. So, no need to worry about loosing your important data. 

Effective server management is very important for business. So, planning about this with business management is a little time-consuming. So, you need the help of a server management company. 

How Does a Server Management Company Help?

As business personnel, you think of yourself as being very efficient in making important decisions in your organization. You are not fully skilled even after all this if you are not well prepared in advance. There needs advanced efficiency when your business is dependent on the latest technologies. In that case, you must seek the help of experts.

Managed hosting is an ideal alternative to server management. it means that your hosting service provider will take care of all your server related tools. To get managed your server by a provider will insist on doing the best that you can. With managed hosting, you won’t have to hire database admins, system admins, or other IT staff for server management. 

At present, there are many web hosting companies that provide really good service. Like any good web hosting company Mylighthost provides the server solutions for your business. Their managed services are provided with 99.95% uptime, DDoS protection, advanced-level hardware, software and network configuration that is contemplated to avoid any impact of unwanted technology failure while resolving issues for a fixed monthly price. To get top server performance, you can opt for their VPS or managed dedicated server. They offer servers from different data centers (Asia, Europe, USA) sothat you can choose one as per your need. 

In a Nutshell

Server management is a combination of some crucial tasks. Perhaps, you don't have enough time to manage your server on top of your other business. So, you just need to have a managed server solution and in this case, a server management company can be your choice.

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