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Posted by aniket vichare on February 17th, 2020

It may be morning or any time of the day, jalebis, when served as a dessert, is loved by all. It can be served cold or hot and enjoyed by everyone. It is one of the cheapest desserts in India, yet the process of making it is a bit complicated. Although it is tough to make at home, one can follow the jalebi recipe found on the internet and prepare them to surprise the loved ones at home.

The History Of Jalebi Recipe

It is believed that the jalebi recipe originated in Persia and brought to India by the Turkic invaders. It is also found in parts of Arab and in the Indian subcontinent. It is mentioned in the 5th-century works of literature and was known as the Kundalika owing to its circular shape. Many Sanskrit works dating back to 1500 CE has mentions of some versions of this desert that resembles the modern-day jalebis. One can find many famous sweet stores in the country selling jalebis, and there is a beeline of customers waiting to taste them.

Enjoying Jalebi

It is said that every good thing ends in a sweet tone. Jalebis have become one of the media to have this friendly tone on many occasions like marriages and other rituals. Although the recipe for jalebi is simple, the art of making is a little bit difficult. However, one can surf the internet and find out the most suitable method to make jalebis and try their hands following the instructions. There are many forms of jalebi; some are fat and filled with syrup, while others are crispy and sweet. Whatever may be the shape, size, or the taste, they are all-time favorites of almost all to start or finish the day in a sweet note.

The Increasing Popularity

Jalebi is one of the cheapest forms of desert available in India. The crispy outside and the sweet syrup inside make it an incredible dessert to serve the guests or to enjoy after having any meal. One can find a jalebi vendor in almost any corners of any street, and the jalebi recipe followed by them is unique. It is time to try your hands, making them following the online recipe and cooking instructions.

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