Ways to Be a Good Step Dad ? Essential Tips

Posted by serenawoods on March 26th, 2012

If you thought becoming a father for the first time is hard, then try becoming a step father. A lot of people look for ways to be a good step dad because doing this is extremely hard - one not only has to deal with trauma associated with the biological father but shoulder the responsibilities of the child as well. In addition to these facts, you would also be the one who will be blamed should something happen to your step child. If you can manage to handle the responsibilities of a step dad impressively then you just might end up receiving gifts for stepdad from your step children.

It is always easier to follow the ways to be a good step dad if the real or biological father of the child is not involved in any way. In order to be a good step father, you should love the child as though he/she was your own. This is something very obvious for every parent because every child deserves to be loved, irrespective of whether he/she is a step child or a real child. Take the time out to love the child unconditionally without expecting any kind of gifts for stepdad in return and you will find that with time, the child would also start responding to you in a positive manner.

One of the ways to be a good step dad is to shower the child with plenty of attention by spending time with him/her. Since it is quite apparent that such child would feel neglected therefore time would be the best gift for him/her. As far as possible, try to reassure the child he/she is not alone. Never make the mistake of trying too hard to be a good father as it would anyways come across naturally if your intentions are sincere. Who knows, your step child might just shower you with gifts for stepdad and this act in itself is reflective of the success of your endeavors.

When it comes to different ways to be a good step dad, one of the golden rules is to never treat the step child any different from your own child. There is no reason for you to behave in an adverse manner just because the child is not your own flesh and blood. Likewise, do not attempt to spoil them with gifts to bribe them or because you feel sorry for them, even if they have a way of solving things with you using gifts for stepdad. An important point to remember here is that children are extremely sensitive and hence can distinguish between genuine affection and pretence very easily. Hence any attempt at the latter should be avoided.

A common mistake made by step fathers is that they try too hard to replace the real fathers of the children. One thing should be clear - your job as a step father is not to be a replacement father. Instead of trying to replace their father, try being a positive role model for the children and they will be getting you gifts for stepdad in return. Do not pretend that you are the ‘new dad’ of those children because that is a term which is most detested by children. In such a situation one of the best ways to become a good step dad is to go with the flow and not force things upon the step children.

Recognizing emotions, both the emotions of the children as well as your own emotion as a step father is important. Ups and downs in life are inevitable which we as adults can recognize and cope up with. However for children the same can be quite intense. Out of the many ways to be a good step dad, the best would be to assure your step children that you would always be there for them. In this way you will be receiving the best gifts for stepdad which can ever be expected – smiles of the children, their appreciation and their love.

Learning the various ways to be a good step dad is one of the most important aspects to lead a stable and happy family life. If successful these can earn you many gifts for stepdad the most important amongst them being love and trust of step children.

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