Writing Stepfather Poems for Your Step Dad

Posted by serenawoods on March 26th, 2012

Have you ever considered the idea of presenting your step father with lovely stepfather poems? In the time and era we are living in today, people might consider poems to be ‘old school’ and a passé but poetry can actually express true feelings and emotions in the best possible manner. Now, your step dad might have worked hard in learning the various ways to be a good stepfather and therefore it is time you take a few minutes to appreciate what he has done for you. Expressing your feelings through a poem is one of the best options you can seriously consider.

If you feel your step dad has gone through a lot of hardships researching about the different ways to be a good stepfather then it is time to show him you appreciate his efforts through poems. You can also compose your own poetry if you have the poetic streak in you. Now you don’t have to write fancy and far-fetched stepfather poems and as long as you are sincere in your efforts and the poem makes sense, it is all good. Poems do not always have to be sentimental - there are so many different genres of poems and the stepfather genre is something that not everybody explores which makes it all the more unique.

Stepfather poems are best presented on an occasion like “Father’s Day” but this is not a hard and fast rule. If you are one of those people who cannot write poetry to save their lives, then you can research for poetry online. Just like how resources on ‘ways to be a good stepfather’ can be found online, poems for stepfather can also be found online in many websites. A thoughtful gift or a greeting card may not be enough at times, and that is when you can personalize them by adding a piece of poetry that you have written or something that you have selected from a sea of poems.

There are many factors that are responsible for making poetry good and these factors differ from person to person. Thus, you should compose and pen down poems keeping in mind what your step father would like to read. The best way to ensure that your stepfather poems are a hit would be to make them personal or emotional in nature. In this way, when you stepfather reads it, he will be able to feel an emotional or personal connection with the poetry. Writing this kind of poem may turn out to be as hard as following a list of ways to be a good stepfather but the end result is always worth it.

While step fathers are looking for content on topics like ‘ways to be a good stepfather’, step children are, in turn, looking for ways on how they can repay their step fathers. For many step children, the main objective behind presenting stepfather poems to their step fathers is to earn their appreciation and make them feel happy knowing that their step children love them. They say that a pen is mightier than a sword and this is particularly true in such relationships because written words can sometimes describe the things that even a thousand spoken words cannot.

So if you are a step child then you should be grateful for all the efforts your step father has put in for becoming a good father to you, maybe through helpful resources that teaches one ways to be a good stepfather. If stepfather poems are not your style then you can try writing one or two paragraphs of song lyrics since these are just like poems and hence they can express the deepest of thoughts. Irrespective of what you use, be it gifts, greetings card, poems, lyrics and so on it is high time your step father gets a token of appreciation for all that he has done for you by adopting ways to be a good stepfather.

If you wish to reciprocate all the goodness which your step dad has shown towards you then stepfather poems are a good way of expressing your feelings. Considering that your step dad must be learning about various ways to be a good stepfather writing and reading poems to him would be an ideal way to show him that you care.  

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