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With every passing day, the importance of digital marketing is increasing. So does the competition in the genre. Evidence? Every other company is going for a really good digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad like that of Digi Elephant.

As we entered a whole new decade just some time back, our digital marketing trends also did. So, for the survival and effective results in the evolving market of 2020, you need to know some latest, on-demand and efficient techniques of digital marketing. Knowing these trends and working on them with a reliable digital marketing company in Ahmedabad, like Digi Elephant, should be your definite next move for your work front.

So, here we go.

42 Digital Marketing Trends you can’t ignore in 2020:

  • Direct Communication with Audience

Direct Communication with a larger audience via online FAQ sessions, social media campaigns, comment competitions, etc. is the first and the simplest point to work on.

  • Optimize for Multi-Search Engines

Your website or Content should be optimized for more than one Search Engine Results. Mostly, people focus on Google while formatting their Content. But as many reports suggest, other Search Engines are also getting quite a buzz recently. So, making your Content compatible with a variety of Search Engine platforms gives you the advantage over your single search engine focusing competitors.

  • Use Semantic Keyword Research techniques

In place of traditional keyword research, go for semantic keyword research techniques. Like, when you search for ‘Digi Elephant’, Google shows you results for the top digital marketing agencies in Ahmedabad instead of ‘Digital’ or ‘Elephant’ terms. So, useful and meaningful keywords are important.

  • AI automation of Ads

Artificial Intelligence can be useful in automating your ads on a website. This form of advertising is increasing rapidly.

  • Chatbots

Instead of traditional man to man interaction mode, CHATBOTS can work far better. They are more effective, available 24/7 and hassle-free on your side.

  • Personalized Campaigns

Target on customers’ psyche with personalized campaigns that can evoke full and active participation of the audience.

  • Audio- Visual Mode 

Go for an audiovisual mode of digital marketing, like videos. Vlogging can be a very effective option regarding this.

  • Social Media Influencer Marketing

Collaborating with social media macro influencers of your niche can work quite well in this regard.

  • Social Media Campaigns

Try popular social media apps like – Facebook, Twitter, etc. for live campaigns and effective results.

  • Podcasting 

Podcasting is on its peak now and is even going to increase in recent years. Podcasting, as a form of marketing, can really result- fetching.

  • Optimize for Visual Search Techniques

Visual Search techniques offered by Google Lens, Pinterest Lens etc. are one of the latest trends. You can use this to attract more audience easily.

  • Optimize for Voice Search Techniques

Voice Search techniques are still working quite well for the marketing purpose. Smart Speakers also can be used in this regard.

  • Content-based Marketing

Content Marketing that includes blogs, vlogs, pictures etc. can be effective.

  • Use SEO techniques

SEO techniques are essential to work upon.

  • Email- marketing

Email is the first platform that one checks for professional reasons. Email marketing can evoke more engagement.

  • Affiliate Marketing

This is so much in-trend now. With affiliate marketing, you can increase your direct sales.

  • Try User-generated Content-based marketing

You can easily engage more people with some better contents that are generated by users themselves for vouchers or some offers, by the technique of User-generated Content.

  • Incorporate AI-based Sales methodologies

With Artificial Intelligence, you can easily analyze the requirements of your customers which can lead to successful sales of your service or product.

  • Work with GOOGLE ADS

Google Ads is still one of the most noticed forms of digital ads. With this, you can enhance your Content's engagement rate considerably. 

  • Try the Omnichannel marketing method

Instead of sticking to a single digital platform, exploring various digital channels or platforms for the marketing of your product or service is a better option.

  • Try Social Commerce with Shop-able posts

With the increasing popularity of social media, posts with direct purchasing options are getting more engagement. By this, many online sales platforms have evolved so far.

  • Direct Conversational Marketing Method

By establishing a direct conversation with your audience, you can easily manipulate and convince them for your professional demands or services. Social Media platforms can provide you with enough opportunity for this.

  • Adopt Artificial Intelligence Techniques as adequate staff alternatives

AI techniques can effectively assess and evaluate all the digital functions as per your need that too in an overall reasonable revenue cycle. The coming time is for AI. Adopting it now can keep you ahead of the market competition.

  • Identify instant marketing response moment

Intent Moment is a new term in the digital marketing sphere. It signifies that particular time when the audience has a strong demand and resources for a certain product, targeting which can increase your chances of a successful sale.

  • Social media timelines

Social media status or timelines attract quite a lot of unintentional responsiveness. This can be successfully converted into a potential customer- generating method.

  • Notification method

Notifications, especially with 'push' buttons, generate quite a lot of engagement to a content. With this technique, you can positively increase the number of visitors to your website.

  • Create Interactive Content

Interactive Content, like- Quizzes or Polls, are found to be more engaging than the traditional form of Content. 

  • Try Immersive Technologies

Optimizing your Content to leverage 360 spheres of immersive sensation can drastically improve your website engagement.

  • Blogging or Microblogging

The popularity of blogs is increasing rapidly. Blogs can provide engaging and useful content that can be potentially used as a digital marketing mode.

  • Work on brand awareness

Creating awareness for your brand with the various brand- focusing on engaging Content is important in this era.

  • Create high-resolution photos 

For social media, pictures which are of good quality and high resolution are more preferred over others. Thus, these are more likely to rank high in search pages.

  • Invite guest writers

Go for guest commenting or invite guest opinions of professionals of other websites from your niche. 

  • Connect with more people in your digital niche

Connecting and collaborating with various people of your niche can be helpful in increasing your digital engagement. 

  • Augmented advertisement technique

If viewers miss your advertisement for the first time, the augmented ads technique represents it for the audience to ensure the notice of the ad by them or to retract them.

  • Long Content is in trend now

Recently, search engines prefer high- quality and long-form content over smaller ones. A blog with 3000 words with useful Content is considered efficient for Google first page appearance.

  • Downloadable Content 

You should optimize your website with easily downloadable Content, like in pdf/ ppt or any such formats of eBooks or webinars. This is really important, especially if your niche is more guiding based. 

  • Marketing through ‘Pay per Click’ 

Most of the influencer marketing work on this technique. With 'pay per click' technique, your overall engagement and awareness of a brand drastically improve.

  • Audience interest is to be targeted

Instead of creating content for Search Engines, create Content for your audience. This means you should focus on creating more engaging and useful Content as per the unique interests of the audience of your niche.

  • Use Customized tools

There are many SEO tools available that can help you in assessing and evaluating your website reports, analyze your website framework and fix the minute errors in your Content.

  • People prefer secured websites or Content

Go for 'https' initial instead of 'HTTP'. This ensures the safety and security of your site, which adds to your reliability. Also, search engines prefer such websites for the search result rankings.

  • Analyze your progress 

For accelerating your digital engagement, you need to identify your potential. This can be done by assessing and evaluating your current engagement rates with Google Analytics. By this, you can identify the pros and cons of your digital marketing strategy.

  • Master your own niche instead of being mediocre in all

Nowadays, people prefer Content with expertise in a particular niche instead of haphazard average quality content.

Thus, with these latest and ongoing trends of digital marketing, you can accelerate your business or professional growth in the competitive market of 2020. For this, you need to seek expert help. Like, if you are an Ahmedabad based start-up, just search for a good digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad. Although there are many options available, choosing the right one can be tricky. One such agency is - Digi Elephant. Digi Elephant is an expert in the genre which provides solutions for all your digital marketing needs. It is perfectly customer-friendly and client-specific with innovative ideas to fulfil your unique requirements.

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