Six Common Heating and Air Problems and Solutions

Posted by Rushell Kayna on February 17th, 2020



Do You Have a Faulty HVAC?

If you have landed on this web article with an affirmative answer to the above question, then we can help you with it. Having a Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) can sum up to a hassle of cleaning and servicing after a prolonged time.

Having an HVAC is like having a comprehensive solution from home or office temperature regulation. The heating mechanism helps in providing sufficient heat while it's snowing or in the winter season. The cooling system, on the other hand, is the air conditioning which is needed during summer.

The mechanisms are prone to failure due to a lack of maintenance. We have given useful tips for the heating and cooling solutions as follows.

1. Improper/ Lack of Maintenance

Timely servicing is the key to every type of machinery. Not maintaining a piece of machinery can lead to a progressive decrease in functionality. The reduced functionality can snowball into a complete breakdown of the system.

The process of maintaining keeps the machinery clean and tidy; the timely removal of dirt can help in restoring the smooth functioning of a machine. The process is as simple as wiping the accessible parts of the machine like the vents. You can clean with the means of cloth after switching off the machine. On the other hand, cleaning could be complicated, like opening up the whole system and removing the dirt and dust piles. The latter task is challenging; opening up the entire system is challenging, and, most of the time, it needs an expert solution.

2. Placing Dirt Filters

The filters are the most crucial part in inhibiting dirt pile-up and clogging. The filters are going to make sure that you don't have to open up your HVAC system, or the opening being the last resort is delayed as much as possible. Lack of filters can make the HVAC system get congested within a small period of time.

If your filter is dirty, then the airflow is restricted. This issue can compromise the heating, ventilation, and cooling mechanisms. In turn, the problem can cause the surging of electricity bills without the HVAC serving its purpose. Besides, during the overheating operation, a dirty furnace may get overheated and shut down intermittently.

Make sure that you place the dirt filters that can do their job of avoiding a dirt intrusion in the system. Moreover, you have to make sure that you clean them up promptly.

3. Pilot or Ignition Problems

The problem with the ignition can arise from a lot of causes. The dirt piled up on the pilot, flame sensor, or burners can cause an outage of the pilot, a lockout of the furnace, short cycling, the ignition may be delayed. The problem may arise due to the gas supply problem or due to wear and tear of the ignition component.

Problems severe as these usually need a professional expert to deal with it. The high voltage and natural gas can also be dangerous to handle.

4. Malfunction of the Thermostat

There are several types of thermostats, some are programmable, and some are not. Most of the heating problems with the HVAC are with the thermostats. Most of these problems are with the improper setting of the programmable thermostats.

It is best to check for the user manual before calling for a professional service. Adjusting a few settings can help you resolve the problem at once.

5. Mechanical Failure Due to Wear and Tear

Your HVAC device has a lot of mechanical components for its heating purpose. Even normal wear and tear of your home HVAC unit can lead to severe failure. The ball bearings, chains, and mechanical wheels can cause a malfunction. The problem could even lie with the non-mechanical parts of the machinery like the electrical parts like the wiring and proper connection.

We recommend you to make the proper and timely application of oil to the mechanical components. If there is a problem with the electrical parts, then take care of it accordingly. If you think that the task is too complex to manage on your own, then seek professional help.

6. Hire a Professional Service

The job could be daunting, challenging, time-taking, and even hazardous. With the DIY tips, you may be able to get some resolution. Most of these tips can be used as precautionary measures; however, for an overall repair or servicing, contact a professional HVAC repair service provider. There are so many HVAC Contractors Louisville that can help you with the right job. However, we recommend you to check for the most reliable services.

To Conclude

These were some of the most useful solutions to maintain your home HVAC unit. They can help you with the optimum functioning of the system and delay the need for the repair.

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