Using Lace Front Wigs Correctly Gives You the Secret to Lovely Tresses

Posted by adairsawyer on March 26th, 2012

If you own a lace front wig you should know how to look after it and maintain it, so that it can have a long life. If you want to save money in not going to the beauty saloon then all you have to spend some time after using your wig every time, by removing it carefully and storing it properly. The wig should be removed slowly from the scalp as there is adhesive in it and if taken out with force, the wig can be damaged. The lace front wig has adhesive in front and in the full lace wig, it is all round its entire circumference. So it has to be taken out carefully and the adhesive removed with the help of an adhesive remover, so it can be ready for the next application of adhesive before use. If the adhesive is not taken out, it can prevent proper adhesion the next time and also damages the lace seam.

Never use any abrasive materials like cotton or paper serviettes to remove the adhesive because rubbing up and down will damage the delicate lace of the lace front wigs. You need all of this to remove the adhesive so that the lace of the wig does not get damaged. An adhesive remover, cotton buds, soap and water, a wig stand, a mirror and a couple of large hair clips. The Lace front wig should be clipped back from the face and the crown should be secured. Now you can see the lace seam clearly and make sure that no adhesive remover touches the wig hair. In the next step you can apply an alcohol based or oil based adhesive remover. The alcohol based remover when applied does not leave any residue on the skin or lace front wigs.

It should be done with help of a cotton tip bud or soft adhesive application brush because it cannot be sprayed towards the face. The alcohol evaporates fast, so that’s why some users rub fast to remove the adhesive before it evaporates. This can cause some skin irritation to the skin. The cotton bud has to be dipped in the lace front wig’s adhesive remover and applied all across the edge of the lace seam. Leave it a few minutes till the seam starts peeling away from the face by itself. Then the adhesive remover should be applied across the underside of the seam of the lace front wig. You must make sure all the edges are covered.

Oil based adhesive remover is recommended for those who have sensitive skin because it does not affect their skin and can be used for removing adhesive from the lace front wig.  Oil Adhesive Remover like C22 which is citrus scented can be allowed to be left on the skin or hair piece for soaking so the adhesive which would come out. This does not evaporate or dry the skin and is also available as a spray, which can be sprayed across the lace front wigs seam. Once the adhesive is removed then the lace front wig should be washed from the skin using soap and water. The entire oil residue should be removed or it can prevent proper adhesion the next time when applied.

Place the lace front wig on the wig stand for maintenance and get your face cleansed thoroughly.

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