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Posted by expertsinqa on February 17th, 2020

You can say that people can’t even breathe without smart devices in this digital era. Especially, the mobile devices and applications are dominating the activities of people all over the world. Whether it is your private domain or a professional one, every now and then you need smartphones or tablets to perform all the crucial tasks starting from minor to major. All the tasks are performed with the assistance of a huge number of high-quality mobile applications. Therefore, a properly functional, user-friendly mobile application is extremely important to run your business successfully.

Mobile App Testing:

So many businesses are emerging based on mobile applications especially messaging apps like Whatsapp, Snapchat, various gaming apps, online shopping apps and many more.  All the companies are competing among themselves to possess the top position. But a problematic and device incompatible app will never bring success to you. Here comes the need for Mobile app testing services which ensures the functional quality, proper programming and complex free mobile application.

Mobile App Testing Types:

There are some types of testing the technical aspects of various mobile applications. They are –

  • Testing usability: In order to assure that the mobile app is user-friendly and customers experience satisfaction with online and offline service.
  • Testing Device Compatibility: It testes the mobile app on different devices, different screen sizes, browsers, OS versions as per requirements.
  • Testing Interface: It testes the menu options, settings, history, buttons, bookmarks of the mobile app.
  • Testing resource: It testes the low-level resources like the usage of memory, auto-deletion of files, increasing issues of local database.
  • Testing Operation & Performance: It testes the backup plans or lost data if the battery goes down while upgrading the app. It also testes the performance of the mobile app by transforming the connection from 2G, 3G to WI FI, battery consumption, document sharing and so on.
  • Testing Installation & Security: It testes the validation of the app by installing or uninstalling it. It also testes the application to check whether the information system protects the data or not.

Manual Software Testing:

By manual software testing, people can compare the behavior of software or module to the behavior which is expected. Just like mobile app testing services, it also verifies and validates the proper functionality or character of the software or application but manually. It is an important fact that an automated software testing tool occupies only 30% pie whereas the rest 70% done by manual testing.

How to Recognize the Expected Behavior:

The process of manual software testing depends on your skillset to some extent. But this is not enough to make a witty comparison between two different aspects. You need to enhance the quality of your thought process to understand the core requirements completely which may not be told or written over there. You must have some knowledge of how the software functions. There can be an incomplete or implicit requirement that would not necessarily be mentioned or documented. You have to guess them and test them one by one. Therefore, comparing developed behavior against the expected one is not enough. You must delve deep into the core requirements as well.

The complexities in mobile applications are growing day by day. As because you need an A to Z testing for checking its download ability, functionality, you also need a proper mobile app testing services for solution if found any difficulty while testing the app. You will get an absolute solution right here. The experts believe in providing premium quality service by strategizing proper plans to execute step by step starting from detecting complexity to manual testing.

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