Ancient Egyptian Jewelry Facts

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Egyptian jewelry history

According to archaeological facts that exist today, it is believed that Egyptian jewelry came into existence as early as 3000 BC. This was the period when man was shifting from the tag of hunters and gatherers to agriculturalists. Whereas the civilization that existed along the Nile River begun to merge and unite into a city-state-society, a majority of crafts as well as trades advanced, particularly the workmanship of jewelry.

Materials used to make ancient Egyptian jewelry

Egypt was one land that was blessed with raw materials that could be used in making ornaments. In comparison to other types of materials, gold was more valuable. This is because the ancient civilization believed that gold was derived from the skins of gds. Turquoise and gemstones were also quite widespread as they could easily be found in quarries. On top of its workability plus copiousness, turquoise was also prevalent as the blue-green color, which is the shade of River Nile, thus a cartouche of not only life, but joy. Consequently, it was the material which was mostly utilized in making jewelry in ancient Egypt.

Other materials which were widely used in making ornaments in ancient Egypt included emeralds as well as lapis lazuli. According to legends written in most books, it is believed that Cleopatra was donned in emeralds, which were her preferred gemstones while being seduced by Caesar. Given that the seduction was viewed as a political move plus the fact that emeralds were quite rare gemstones, emeralds symbolized both power and status.

The functions of ancient Egyptian jewelry

In ancient Egypt, ornaments were used as cartouche for social and economic status as well as a figurative defense against evil spirits. The most popular illustration is scarab beetle. As a result of scarab beetle’s natural survival reflexes, (which comprised of slipping and bucking in a pile of animal waste prior to utilizing the same dung as an incubation space for its offspring), the insect was the decisive survivor.

Where to shop for Egyptian jewelry

Not all jewelry stores stock ancient Egyptian jewelry and those that sell them make them available at a high price. As such, a majority of people settle for fake jewelry. However, if your desire is to buy authentic Egyptian jewelry at an affordable price, you need to do your shopping from the internet. There are hundreds of online jewelry stores that sell ancient Egyptian ornaments. Nonetheless, before making your purchase from these stores, you need to make sure that the store is:

-              Reputable: You can check the reputation of an online jewelry store by reading comments and feedbacks posted by other clients or reading reviews.

-              Money back guarantee: This will safeguard you in case the jewelry delivered is defective or not what you ordered for.

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