Classic wood doors make home simply

Posted by aihw on February 17th, 2020

Runcheng classic wood doors series and simple decoration style is the same, with concise design elements to create a simple style home, with simple and pure to adjust our spiritual space.

The line of classic wood doors contracted fluent, reveal natural aesthetic feeling, contracted do not break the design of savour, composed atmospheric style, contracted fluent line, change numerous for simple, be like the memory that opened lumber dust to seal in annual ring.

Classic wood doors exquisite craft makes a concise, fluent line beauty, open the door, it seems to hear boya in the drum, "wei wei zhizhi in the mountains, yangyangzhi running water", a classical piano through.

The plane structure with wooden door distinct level and layout, show a kind of strewn at random has send geometrical aesthetic feeling; The partition with concise and lively structure, formed the style of magnanimity, set off the life attitude that gives enterprising ceaselessly appropriately.

White is pure also romantic, the wooden door of white is tie-in contracted decorate a style, both each other confluence, perfect oneness.

The novel facade design takes the geometric form as the element and rejects the mediocrity. Simple elements, the beauty of life is a good interpretation out, sour sweet fashion personality, and you heartache.

Run into the perfect design of the classic wood doors into the infinite clever thinking, after skilled craftsmen carefully polished, repeatedly repair, a piece of ordinary wood, became a window window wooden door, the breath of wood, have the taste of home.

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