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Posted by juliabennet on March 27th, 2012

Sometimes we are simply not happy with our energy levels. It often happens that we attend a party during one of the weeknights and the next day at work becomes pure hell. One way is to somehow pass the day dilly-dallying and then head back home in the evening and crash. The other way is to use Adderol or Aderall. This medicine is considered a fantastic drug that keeps you going throughout the day.

Adderol or Aderall is considered one of the best medicines for treating ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It can be used both by adults and children. When someone consumes Adderol or Aderall in the morning they can pass by the day like nothing. The energy levels are constantly high and the mood seems to be up throughout the day. The brain function is also enhanced significantly. For all these reasons Adderol or Aderall people consume Adderol or Aderall whenever they feel that there is a need to remain active throughout the day. Adderol or Aderall is considered perfect for ADHD because it covers more ADHD symptoms than other similar medicines. And Adderol or Aderall is also just a one day dose.

There are many other benefits of Adderol or Aderall. It enhances the cognitive ability of the body and reduces any anxiety that one may have in mind. So, if it is an important presentation you are supposed to make to your organization’s senior leadership, Adderol or Aderall can help you remove those butterflies in the stomach. If there is a sports event coming up and you are going to be part of it, Adderol or Aderall can help you calm your nerves and help you perform at your best.

But there are some side effects of Adderol or Aderall too. This is because it is made up by combining four amphetamine compounds. Prolonged use of amphetamine can make someone addictive and cause serious health problems. One of the more dangerous side effects of Adderol or Aderall is that it makes the heart race dangerously. There are many other side effects of the medicine and they include an over-stimulated Central Nervous System, Tourettes Syndrome, hyperactivity and dizziness. It also causes loss of appetite and weight loss. Consuming Adderol or Aderall also leaves a bad taste in the mouth that also becomes dry. One certainly has to pay a price for taking this particular medicine.

So what is the alternative? Alternatives are available in the form of other similar drugs that are equally effective but have minimum side effects compared to Adderol or Aderall. Som of these are prescription strength medicines but you don’t need a physician’s prescription to buy them. They have the same great effects of Adderol or Aderall but not the side effects. Some of them even give you added benefits like memory support.

If you have been facing trouble with Adderol or Aderall you might as well look at these alternative products. You will surely get better results and not curse yourself for having these medicines.

Adderol or Aderall is considered one of the best medicines for treating Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. However, there are many side effects of this medicine and you may want to look at alternatives.

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