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Posted by Keion Henderson on February 17th, 2020

When you think of a sermon, what comes to mind? Is it just a religious speech? Is it quotes from the Bible? Is it a lecture on life? When you attend a sermon by Pastor Keion, you will hear all of these things together, yes, but you will listen to so much more. Pastor Keion’s addresses are discourses on life, love, and the unfettered potential of the human spirit. He effortlessly weaves religious scriptures with the memory of our lived experiences and creates a unique, heartfelt relationship with his audience. He draws on the moral authority of our most Holy texts and delivers unto his listeners and followers energy that they will carry out of the Church and into their daily lives for days to come. He does this by appealing to our most basic desire to be heard and to be seen and realize that this deliverance can only come from within, through engagement with our false realities and by finally submitting to our moral compasses. 

As the leader of the Lighthouse Church of Houston since 2009, Pastor Keion has transformed this Church into a global ministry with a transatlantic reach and enthusiastic following from all over Texas and America. He has addressed services, sermons, talks, and gatherings of over 10,000 members throughout his career, including having been a keynote speaker in London & Africa. He is an inspirational and motivational speaker, venerated in the business community who routinely engage him to inspire and give driven young entrepreneurs the intellectual, moral and spiritual tools they need to succeed in business

Like in business and life, Pastor Keion Henderson’s sermons preach only that his followers manifest the best inside themselves and, by doing so, fulfill their purpose under the eyes of God. Instead of being heavily descriptive or just generic, Pastor Keion’s sermons bring forth the Bible and its stories in a way that audiences love it. His sayings not only does it narrate the tales as they are meant to be told, but because they resonate on a personal level.

You should listen to Pastor Keion Henderson if you wish to understand how to recognize the deficiencies in your own life, where they come from and how you can overcome these obstacles through perseverance and the fortification of your character. Come, join Pastor Keion on this journey and become the dreamer, the leader, the achiever you desire to be.

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