Cage Free Eggs Market Expectation Surges With Rising Demand And Changing Trends

Posted by pooja paralkar on February 17th, 2020

Cage free eggs is a legal term which varies widely depending on the country of origin. However, generally cage free eggs yield higher yolk and ideally protect the consumer with natural nutrient- rich products.

Cage free eggs are a healthier alternative to mass-produced poultry traditional eggs. Cage free chickens produce omega-3-fatty acid, making the product important over traditional eggs.

Cage free eggs are often brown and white in color and come in various sizes. Increasing awareness about the harmful side effects of mass poultry production is leading to increase in demand for cage free eggs market.

As supply dynamics change and economies of scale sets in, the market is expected to witness lower prices. This coupled with increasing cage free eggs products are expected to soar demand during the forecast period.

Global Cage Free Eggs Market: Key Trends

cage free eggs is an emerging trend and remains open to changing preferences and economic realities of its consumer base. Currently, there are two main eggs varieties dominating the market. . The white and brown variety of cage-free eggs market are both experiencing positive demand. While the white chicken egg continues to dominate the global market due to lower operating and investment costs, the brown egg proves to be more popular with the poultry products industry in particular.

The market witnesses a robust demand for large sized eggs, coming in from consumers. The large size is expected to remain dominant as natural variety of eggs still remain relatively expensive and consumer awareness also remains low.

The cage free eggs market also relies heavily on store-based one-stop shopping experience to drive demand. There is an increasing awareness being created through local farmers or via non-store based experiences, but it still lags behind as a distribution channel.

White eggs are expected to remain dominant during the forecast period due to shorter maturation period and ease of operations. (Add a positive)

Brochure for Latest Developments:

The European cage-free eggs market is expected to hold the highest share in the global market during 2018-2026. It will be closely followed by North America, wherein the awareness of benefits of the natural varieties is growing. Europe is witnessing a consumer preference shift towards a higher yolk yielding egg variety, which is resulting in higher growth. As Europeans consumer continue to demand bulky and bright orange yolks, the market is expected to soar further based on its health benefits.

Increasing initiatives from the government in North America and Europe to boost the poultry industry can lead to robust demand for market.

The key players in the cage-free eggs market include Kuramochi Sangyo Co., Ltd. (Japan), Lakes Freerange Egg Co., Ltd. (U.K.), Herbruck Poultry Ranch, Inc. (U.S.), Weaver Brothers, Inc. (U.S.).

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