Troubleshooting Download and Installation Issues of Your McAfee Software

Posted by jhon mark on February 17th, 2020

Downloading McAfee setup from and installing it may occur issues or errors. Errors and problems are common if your setup doesn't download properly from or corrupt any essential files. 

Here in this blog, we will discuss how you can troubleshoot the McAfee Software errors related to download, installation, total protection, or other. If you are having trouble with McAfee software, then read the complete blog.


Troubleshooting Home Page Errors

In case of home page errors, you should remove the cookies and cache. Follow the below steps;

  1. Open your web browser.

  2. Look for the cookies and cache options under Settings, Tools, or More.

  3. Next, remove website data, cache, and cookies.

  4. Now, exit the window and reopen your browser.


If You See Blank Web Page

In case if the McAfee official pages such as total protection or take you to another page or display a blank page, then download GetSusp and check for the suspicious files and malware. Follow below;

  1. Open the McAfee GetSusp product page.

  2. Download the GetSusp setup. Review the license and run the installer GetSusp.exe file.

  3. On the security prompt, hit YES and click Scan Now.

  4. Accept the License Agreement and click OK.

  5. Now, you can open any of the McAfee sites.


Troubleshooting Download Error

If you find such a message, "Download cannot continue – No internet connection" or "Unable to continue installation – Error 0" on the screen while downloading the software from or other, then clear the cookies and cache. Then again, try to download the software. 

If your downloading file takes too much time, then cancel the download, restart the computer and try to download the setup again.


Troubleshooting Installation Error

If you face the errors during installation, then you can take help from GetSusp. You can download GetSusp and run the Scan. Otherwise, follow the below steps;

  1. Download the McAfee Pre-Install tool.

  2. Run the Pre-Install_Tool.exe file.

  3. On the complete installation, restart the device.

  4. Then enable the Administrator account.

  5. Download and install the McAfee Consumer Product Removal tool, run it.

  6. Again, disable the Administrator account and install the McAfee setup.


Troubleshooting Error – "The protection you're trying to install doesn't work on this device. Try again from the right device"  

If you see this error message, follow below steps to troubleshoot it;

  1. Check the minimum system requirement of the software.

  2. If your system doesn't support it, then upgrade the software to the supported system.

  3. Then install the setup again.

  4. If your system supports the current version, then reinstall the setup.


Troubleshooting the "invalid serial number" error         

Such error shows when you type wrong serial number on activation page or other. You can follow the below.

  1. On the incorrect input, wait a while.

  2. Now, refresh the webpage.

  3. You can close and reopen the web browser.

  4. Next, type or paste the serial number carefully.

  5. Submit it and complete the process.


In case if any of the issues don't solve by you, then you can contact the technical support of McAfee.


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